J.K. Rowling Champions Women’s Activist Attacked by Trans Radicals

Writer J.K. Rowling defended women’s rights activist Posey Parker in New Zealand when a radical transgender activist called her “TERF” – a radical feminist for trans exclusion.

As reported by Breitbart London, police told Parker (real name Kelly Jay Keen Minschl) that a mob of radical pro-transgender activists caused chaos at her ‘Let Women Speak’ tour event. Afterwards, she said, “I was lucky to be alive.”

“She joined the Antipodes as part of the ‘Let Women Speak’ tour, attracting not only a sizable following, but also a large number of active pro-trans activists. recommended To protest her events by celebrity leftists like Billy Bragg,” reported Breitbart London.

“One such protest in Auckland attracted about 2,000 demonstrators,” he added. She and her guards turned out to be Juice, thankfully.

Writer J.K. Rowling, an outspoken opponent of transgender radicalism, defended Parker on Twitter when Oakland Pride tried to downplay the event.

“We firmly believe that the demonstration of unity, celebration and acceptance, along with the joyous music, chants and noise of the 5,000 supporters, was too great to overcome and was the reason for her departure and not the actions of any particular individual. I believe,” said Auckland Pride

“We also deny that there have been any physical threats to Parker from our community. We urge the media not to repeat these allegations without evidence,” the LGBTQ group added.

“There are multiple videos of Kelly Jay being assaulted. Please. Your men’s rights activists have shown the world exactly who they are,” Rowling replied.

In a recent episode of J.K. Rowling’s Witch Trials acclaimed podcast Harry potter The author said he tried talking to transgender activists to better understand their views, but ultimately concluded there was something “dangerous” lurking.

“I can only say that I’ve been thinking about it deeply, hard, and for a long time. And I’ve listened to the other side, I promise,” Rowling said. I absolutely believe that there is something dangerous in this movement that must be challenged.”

A British writer has dealt with a troll who says he has somehow “betrayed” the values ​​espoused in his books.

“It’s always been said that I betrayed my book, but my position is that I fully support the position I took with Potter,” said Rowling. is that this activist movement in its current form reflects exactly what I warned about in Harry Potter.”

“I am fighting what I see as a powerful, insidious misogyny movement that has a large following in a very influential sector of society. I don’t think it is,” she continued.

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