Jane Fonda blames ‘white men,’ ‘racism’ for climate change

Jane Fonda issued a stark warning about climate change on Saturday while shifting the blame onto a white man.

“It will take another seven to eight years to cut our fossil fuel use in half, but unfortunately those who are the least responsible for fossil fuels will be hit the hardest: the global South, the People, poor people. Colors,” ‘Book Club: The Next Chapter’ actress said at the Cannes Film Festival.

“This is a tragedy that must absolutely stop. We must arrest and jail these men – they are all men. [behind this]”

The two-time Oscar winner added that there would be no climate change without racism and a patriarchy topped by “white men.”

“It is good for us all to understand that without racism there would be no climate crisis. Without patriarchy there would be no climate crisis. she argued. “It’s the white men that matter, everything else [is] at the bottom. ”

The ’80 For Brady’ star used her speaking engagement at the Cannes Film Festival to tackle climate change.

Jane Fonda in a red jacket and zip ties during a protest
Fonda has been arrested multiple times for protests.
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The 85-year-old actress has been on the run since the Vietnam War, when critics branded her “Jane of Hanoi” for posing as if she was shooting down a US military plane with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns. Activities are a hot topic.

Meanwhile, in Cannes, the 80 For Brady star called on everyone to rally around environmental justice.

“This is important because we have to get out of the silo (one feminist, one environmental activist). That’s what I learned when I started being an activist around the time of the Vietnam War. she said.

“Whatever it is, the deeper we dig into the issue, the more we see that everything is connected. will face problems.”

This isn’t the first time Fonda — who was arrested Many times while participating in protest against climate change — have linked climate change and social injustice.

In January, she said it was all related, including “sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia” and “war.”

“And when you really get into it and study it and learn about it and its history, it’s all connected. Without racism, there wouldn’t be a climate crisis,” she said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” ‘ said.

Jane Fonda protests in Washington DC
“We’re all in full force right now. It’s urgent, urgent and we all have to get on board now,” Fonda told Page Six earlier this month.
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“Where do they put poisons and pollutants?” Fonda continued. “They’re not going to put it in Bel Air. They’ve got to find a place where the poor, the indigenous people, people of color live. Put it there. They can’t fight back. That’s why the climate A large part of the change movement has to do with climate justice.”

Earlier this month, the “Grace and Frankie” actress called on the government to “work together.” climate emergency continue.

social justice warrior told page six She didn’t understand “why can’t you” protest?

“I have grandchildren,” she said at the premiere of “Book Club: The Next Chapter.” “I love animals, I love nature, otherwise everything will be destroyed.”

“We are all in full force right now. It is urgent, urgent and we must all be on board now,” she added.

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