Jason Whitlock destroyed for X-rated ad tantrum

Jason Whitlock was trolling himself with an X post without his knowledge, but the internet won't shut him up.

Whitlock, a sports commentator and Blaze Media host, claimed that an inappropriate sexually explicit ad popped up when he searched for the 2023 NFL standings on on Monday. .

The 56-year-old media personality shared a screenshot of her computer screen with birthday decorations that read, “Keeping the ball inside me is the best way to spend your birthday.” It showed what appeared to be a sleazy advertisement for. Includes shopping links.

“Watching the NFL standings on,” Whitlock wrote. “This is an ad placed above the standings. How is this possible? Is it appropriate?”

Many took to Whitlock's post, mocking him for not seeming to realize that past search history and algorithms play a role in targeting advertising to Internet users.

Warning: Language

Former ESPN personality Katie Nolan reposts Whitlock's message On ” he said.

In a follow-up post, Nolan wrote, “Sorry for the retweet, just tears streaming down my face. Happy New Year, everyone.”

Former NBA player Etan Thomas also reposted Whitlock's message.

“It’s called retargeting.” thomas wrote. “That means you'll see ads based on your search history. That means your holier-than-thou self has told the whole world that you're looking through filth in your spare time.”

Whitlock responded to a number of users on X, some of whom agreed with his message and others who disagreed. He said, “We're not going to remove the squat.”

In another post, Whitlock explained that he understands programmatic advertising.

“It's easy to see why when you visit all the other websites you see ad after ad for intermittent fasting and weight loss solutions.” he wrote. “Okay. They know my search history. In the last three or four months, I've twice noted that ESPN ads are very sexual.”

In another post, Whitlock explained his complaints about what he said was an addition to Tem, an online marketplace based in Boston, Mass., and wrote a long message about his “former strip club. and love of debauchery.

Whitlock also claims that the algorithm is “rigged” by “aggregators around the world who are paid to write disparaging articles against me” and has no intention of recanting his position on the situation. It was confirmed.

“We previously complained about the following Temu ads appearing on” Whitlock wrote. “I wanted to avoid sexual content on my show, so I read Covenant Eyes live and subscribed.Pornography and other sexual content are the biggest drivers of Internet traffic.

December 2023 Jason Whitlock on the podcast “Fearless” with Blaze Media. X/Jason Whitlock

“I'm pretty open about my former love of strip clubs and debauchery, and I spend hours looking at it on Instagram.” [influencer] Brittany Renner etc. It was an eye-opener for me to see how much sex is promoted on the internet in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

“I'm going to complain about it. They can make up millions of algorithms and pay aggregators all over the world to write articles slandering me. I will. No. Grooming. It just won't stop. Do you think I'm the only one who gets hit with overly sexualized ads from time to time?

“If all I do is search for the wrong thing, click on the wrong link, or criticize a favored group. I have made an enemy of the Alphabet Mafia that controls ESPN and Disney. A powerful enemy. I wasn't lying when I said my sins won't silence me from speaking the truth. I always talk about my sins. There's no good reason to watch ads for the Super Bowl and the halftime entertainment is all about holding up gang signs, grabbing crotches, and rapping about drugs, b–s, hs, and n–s murders. It's no different than being a bunch of bastards. There's nothing to justify it.”

Whitlock included photograph A black T-shirt with a sexual message written on the front.

“We've mainstreamed visual and lyrical pornography in every way possible,” he continued. “We don't bat an eye. We accepted it. We're going to complain about it. The other side will blame me for complaining and say I caused it. Why mainstream companies? No one would ask why is so closely aligned with the lyrical and visual porn industry. You think the NFL doesn't know what Snoop, Dre, and Eminem are rapping about?

“You think Disney couldn't stop them from posting 'I Lick, Swallow, and Suck' t-shirts on their sports websites? Retarded people, my search history is the real deal here. I think it's a story. My background is not a mystery. A company's appearance tells a story. ”

Mr. Whitlock has worked at ESPN twice, first from 2002 to 2006, when he was a writer and frequently appeared on the studio's shows.

He was hired back by ESPN in 2013 as founding editor of The Undefeated, a website covering the intersection of race and sports. demoted from his position He joined the company in April 2015, but was still employed by the media giant.

The two sides parted ways in October 2015. ESPN said in a statement: The division was mutual.

Whitlock later claimed that the “real reason” ESPN “fired” him was because they disagreed with his masculine presentation.

“When ESPN kicked me out of there, they were sending a signal that 'men with the ball are not welcome.' He said this on the podcast Fearless. “We don't want real men, we want feminized men.” I was the intellectual backbone of masculine men at ESPN, and that's what I represented. ”

Whitlock then joined Fox Sports and left Outkick in June 2020 to become a columnist.

OutKick Founder Clay Travis announced “I didn't want to stand in the way of talented people taking control of their futures,” Whitlock said at the time when he left the company.



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