Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund Launches $100 Million Challenge to ‘Fix’ Climate with AI

Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund has announced a $100 million grant program called the AI ​​for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge, claiming it will harness the potential of AI in the fight against climate change and nature loss.

quartz report Amazon founder and Earth Fund executive chairman Jeff Bezos announced a new initiative on Tuesday, offering suggestions for how modern AI technologies can be leveraged to address pressing environmental issues. He said he asked for it. The Grand Challenge aims to foster collaboration between environmental organizations and AI developers to create innovative solutions.

“Can modern AI help combat climate change and nature loss? If so, how? That’s the question we want to answer,” Bezos told Earth. This was stated in the fund’s announcement. “By bringing together the best people in each field, we may be able to invent a new path forward.”

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The challenge will run over multiple rounds, with each round focusing on two funding opportunities. His three main areas will be prioritized in the first round: sustainable protein, biodiversity conservation and power grid optimization. In the first funding phase, up to 30 seed grants will be awarded during New York City Climate Week in September. Winners will then have the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $2 million to fund their proposals, along with access to mentorship and necessary infrastructure.

Lauren Sanchez, Vice Chair of the Earth Fund, highlighted the potential of AI in solving some of the world’s most important problems. “We’re inviting some of the brightest problem solvers on the planet to come forward with their visionary ideas,” she said. “Together, we can innovate and solve these challenges.”

The effort is part of Bezos’ broader efforts to tackle climate change through the Earth Fund, which has pledged $10 billion to the fund. In November 2020, the foundation donated $791 million to 16 organizations, including the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), making Bezos the world’s largest supporter of climate action. Ta.

But critics have accused Amazon of trying to “greenwash” its carbon emissions and pointed out that the Earth Fund has chosen well-funded groups over primarily grassroots groups.

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