Jeff Passan blasts Ty Schmit for fake Yoshinobu Yamamoto news

Ty Schmidt had a glorious few hours as a baseball official Thursday night, but the feeling was short-lived.

The producer of “The Pat McAfee Show” tried to break the news of Yoshinobu Yamamoto's contract, posting on X, “I have heard from a very reliable source that Yamamoto's contract with the Yankees is over.” 326 million dollars in 9 years. ”

“Thanks to Godzilla Matsui, we were able to cross the finish line.”

His reports were quickly denied by several MLB officials, including the Post's Jon Heyman, and looked even worse hours later when the Japanese ace signed a historic deal with the Dodgers. .

Friday, McAfee Schmidt's report revealed disappeared at show's holiday partywhere the drinks were flowing.

ESPN's Jeff Passan did not approve of Ty Schmidt of “The Pat McAfee Show” who tried to break the Yamamoto news. ESPN

Should I have reached out a little bit, looked into it, tried to corroborate this in any way I could? “Maybe,” Schmidt said, “but like you said, you've got some cocktails. That baseball looks like a beach ball down the pipe, so I said, “Do you know?”

“Damn, let's take this outside.”

“If you jump into a hot MLB stove, you can get third-degree burns. That happened last night, and it was pretty bad.”

All the calls for his head and calls for a fightback on social media weren't the end of Schmidt's comeback.

That's what Jeff Passan, ESPN's resident MLB insider and one of the main news breakers on Yamamoto's deal with the Dodgers, had to say. participated in the program.

“Ty Schmidt, you're a spectacular asshole,” Passan said, referring to Schmidt's Lou Holtz impression. “You're a scumbag. This show understands vulgarity more than any other show out there. I don't think what Ty did last night was as bad as it could be to the entire fanbase. Or was it to make them think they had the one guy they wanted all offseason – this would complete the offseason – and thanks to the bourbon… your sources include Jack, Jim is named Jose!”

Schmidt's tweet Thursday night added to his notoriety. ESPN

“You weren't nearby.'' First of all, “Godzilla Matsui?'' People should have noticed at that point. Also… “Yoshi”? are you friends with him?

Passan said he's not done yet and has to respond to Schmidt's post, including asking if someone from the Yankees will contact him.

Just hours after Schmidt's post, Yamamoto was traded to the Dodgers. MLB Photo (via Getty Images)

“I was surprised when you showed up today. Not great, Ty. Last night I got about 6 text messages ranging from 'Is this real' to 'Who is this idiot?'…People I thought I was giving you information and you were running away with it.

Mr. Schmidt managed that blunder.

“I was fooled,” he said. “It's that simple.”