Jeffrey Epstein Had Surveillance Room in New York Mansion to Spy on Guests

The criminal complaint alleges that sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein set up a surveillance room in his New York mansion where staff monitored his victims and clients.

lawsuit It has been submitted Two of Epstein’s accusers say Epstein provided his abuse victims with car service and cellphones to track their every move, find “dirt” on them and use them to silence them. He said he would offer hundreds of dollars in “hush money.”

of new york post continuation:

The details were revealed in a new civil lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan. “A complex and sophisticated sex trafficking operation” Mr. Epstein would not have been able to operate for so many years without two of the disgraced financier’s closest aides: personal lawyer Darren Indyke and accountant Richard Kahn.

Epstein’s accuser, Danielle Bensky, and another woman, identified only as Jane Doe No. 3, said Friday that Epstein relied on hundreds of teenagers and young women to sexually abuse them. A complaint was filed against the two men, accusing them of helping build a complex financial infrastructure.

The lawsuit reportedly does not say what happened to the surveillance footage or whether Epstein kept footage of these activities inside his New York mansion.

Two accusers, Danielle Bensky and a woman identified as Jane Doe, filed a complaint against the two men last Friday, alleging that Epstein’s personal lawyer Darren Indyke and accountant Richard Kahn had accused Epstein of sex. He claimed that he helped build a “complex financial infrastructure” that relied on financial abuse. Hundreds of teens and young women.

The two women said Indyke and Khan were “well aware” of Epstein’s abuse and “knowingly and knowingly profited” from the operation.

“Knowing that they could earn millions of dollars in exchange for aiding Epstein in his sexual abuse and human trafficking, Ms. Indyke and Ms. Khan chose money and power over following the law,” the complaint says. ing.

“Knowing that Indyke and Khan facilitated, participated in, and covered up Epstein’s illegal activities, Epstein committed the rape, sexual assault, and forced sex trafficking of Daniel Bensky and Jane Doe. This was carried out successfully,” the paper continued.

Indyke and Khan’s attorney, Daniel Weiner, said in a statement: post. “Neither Mr. Indyke nor Mr. Khan have been found to have committed any wrongdoing in any court and categorically rejects the allegations of wrongdoing contained in the complaint.”

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