Jeffrey Epstein Used Teen Dancer’s Sick Mother To Abuse Her For A Year

The ballerina claims that her first encounter with Epstein was in 2004.

New Delhi:

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein took advantage of an aspiring dancer and exploited her vulnerability while her mother was battling brain cancer, according to a report. The victim, Daniel Benski, has filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s longtime personal attorney, Darren Indyke, and his accountant, Richard Kahn.

The civil suit seeks class action status on behalf of Epstein’s victims and accuses Indyke and Khan of “aiding, abetting and facilitating” Epstein’s massive sex trafficking operation. are complaintthe two played key roles in building a “complex financial infrastructure” that allowed Epstein to sexually abuse scores of young women and teenage girls over two decades.

Bensky’s misery account details how Epstein allegedly used his mother’s brain tumor diagnosis to manipulate and control her. The ballerina claims her first encounter with Epstein was in 2004, when she paid him $300 to give him a massage at her mansion in New York. Fearing the repercussions of Mr. Epstein’s wealth and influence, Mr. Bensky continued to provide similar massages, sometimes involving explicit acts, at Mr. Epstein’s insistence, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit alleges that Epstein learned of Benski’s mother’s diagnosis and used the situation to coerce the then-teenage Benski into recruiting other girls for him. Epstein claimed to know the best surgeon in New York, and he offered to help Bensky’s mother, but only if she complied with his requests. The lawsuit alleges that Epstein even threatened to withhold medical treatment from Benski’s mother if she did not meet her demands.

Over the next year, Epstein subjected Benski to various threats and forced her into what the complaint describes as a “cult-like lifestyle” controlled and operated by a convicted sex offender. It is said that The suit, which involves Mr. Indyke and Mr. Khan, alleges that they were well aware of Mr. Epstein’s crimes and knowingly profited from Mr. Epstein’s illegal activities.

Mr. Indyke and Mr. Khan, who also serve as the executors of Mr. Epstein’s estate, deny the charges. In a statement, attorney Daniel Weiner called the allegations “baseless and legally frivolous” and argued that neither man had ever been convicted of any wrongdoing.



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