JENNY BETH MARTIN: ‘Bidenomics’ Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As Christmas approaches, Americans make lists and check them twice. Not to judge who was naughty or who was nice, but to judge how much money they can afford this Christmas. For many of them, the answer is not much, and certainly not as much as before Joe Biden became president.

That creates political problems for the president. Because even though the president has spent much of the past six months touting the benefits of “Bidenomics,” a term that connotes an improved standard of living for the majority of Americans, Because I started thinking like this. A completely different conclusion. For them, “Bidenomics'' means “We can't afford that.''

Recent bloomberg news analysis Here's why. A basket of goods for the average household, which cost $100 before the COVID-19 emergency, now costs $119.27. “Since the beginning of 2020, prices have risen almost as much as they did in the entire decade before the health emergency,” the article says. (Related: EJ Antoni: Liar Joe Biden became Pinocchio's chief)

Electricity has increased by 25% since January 2020, and so has food. A pound of ground beef increased from $3.29 to $5.23. Two pounds of chicken breast rose from $6.12 to $8.44. And coffee went from $4.17 to $6.18.

You can't save money going out to eat. Restaurant meals are up 24%.

And the cost of getting there isn't cheap either.After peaking at about $5 a gallon last year, gasoline has fallen some, but today's gas prices are still 60% more expensive than the day Joe Biden was inaugurated as president.

Biden's bad energy policies (pipeline closures, stricter EV regulations, ban on leasing for drilling, new taxes on coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) will cause energy prices to drop across the board within a decade. increased by 30%. Over three years, electricity increased by 25%, propane by 23%, natural gas by 25%, and diesel fuel by 47%.

Housing is also much more expensive and closer to being out of reach. As of January 2021, the monthly mortgage payment for a median-priced home was $989. Now, that number has more than doubled to $2,041. Mortgage rates have more than doubled since Biden took office, leaving many households priced out of the market and forcing sellers to sit on properties they want to sell but can't sell. I no longer get it.

Not surprisingly, American families have increasingly turned to credit cards simply to make ends meet.The result: Americans today. hold more Credit card debt exceeds $1 trillion. That's a record high.

It is no wonder that Biden's approval ratings, especially regarding his response to the economy, are declining.These days investigationRegarding the overall employment evaluation, 40% support and 49% disapprove, and regarding the handling of the economy, 36% support and 61% disapprove. When asked to assess the current economic situation, 76% said the economy was “not very good” or “poor.” Just 26% of survey respondents said Biden's economic policies have helped the economy “a lot” or “somewhat”, while 48% said Biden's policies have hurt the economy “somewhat” or “a lot”. I answered that I had given it.

And this poll uses a version of the killer question posed by Ronald Reagan in a debate with Jimmy Carter in October 1980: “Are you better now than you were four years ago?” – When asked how their lives have been since Joe Biden became president, only 4% said their lives have gotten “a lot better,” and 10% said they’ve gotten “somewhat better.”

Policies have consequences, and Americans are suffering the real-world consequences of Joe Biden's policies.

It is bad enough that Americans have to suffer from the effects of Biden's bad policies. What's worse is that Biden and his administration are doubling down on that bad policy. They refuse to learn from real-life experience of seeing the consequences of their policies. Instead, they continue to act as if no one, much less anyone, can see the consequences.

In Reagan's famous “A Time to Choose” speech in October 1964 (the speech that many historians believe launched his political career), he famously said:The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant. Just because they know a lot doesn't mean they don't.

We know that Biden and his Democratic allies want more government spending, more government programs, more government regulation, more government power, and more control over our lives.

Meanwhile, Rudolph goes hungry because Santa can't afford to feed his reindeer.

Jenny Beth Martin is Chair Emeritus of Tea Party Patriots Action.

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