Jets’ inept offense could land Robert Saleh, Joe Douglas in hot seat

Before this season, the Jets had plans to reach the playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons, win the AFC East for the first time in 22 years, and even make their first Super Bowl appearance. It’s been 56 years.

It was certainly a flashy plan. But with the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers, the first proven championship quarterback to don the green and white since Joe Namath, it felt possible.

You don’t have to be a die-hard Jets fan to see how that turned out.

Not as planned.

The Jets’ fall, which saw them lose their fifth straight game 13-8 in a pillow fight with the Falcons on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, feels like it happened as quickly as Rodgers’ Achilles tendon rolled up the calf of his left leg like a window. Shade on the fourth offensive play of the season.

Even with a losing season, Rodgers thought it was a life sentence for Jets head coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas.

Rodgers has vowed to return in 2024, and there is speculation that the ownership will try again, starting over with the same coach.

But the way the Jets are playing right now, especially on offense, you have to wonder if that get-out-of-jail card has an expiration date.

Robert Saleh reacted on the sideline during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Corey Shipkin of the New York Post

One has to wonder how many more times Jets owner Woody Johnson will be able to sit in his suite and watch his team perform like Sunday, and how many more times he will be able to endure boos from irate home fans.

For Saleh and Douglas, this is not sustainable and they need to realize that.

If the Jets lose their remaining games, which is highly likely given the fact that they don’t have an NFL-caliber quarterback among the three healthy quarterbacks on the roster, Johnson It’s hard to guess that you won’t lose. Whatever patience he had left.

I know Jets fans want fur for this, but they’re quickly becoming hostile to the head coach. Because he’s always the first to bear the brunt of the frustration.

aaron rodgers Getty Images

But I don’t live in the camp that thinks Saleh should be fired. Because he remains a strong motivator, which I value as much as any other trait in a head coach. I watch Saleh’s players play hard for him every week despite the terrible situation the team is in with an offense that has a hard time producing touchdowns in Pop Warner games. ing.

Saleh’s defense showed a complete lack of intensity and was beyond reproach, knowing the effort would be wasted as the incompetent offense was unable to score a touchdown.

However, Saleh is the head coach and will naturally be in charge of attack as well as defense.

“We have to find a way to make the players we have better,” Saleh said, looking completely confused, when asked if there were any players who could improve the attack with five games remaining.

The Jets were 3-3 in their bye week, defeating the Super Bowl runner-up Eagles, and it looked like the season was about to start without Rodgers. They survived until the end with a 13-10 overtime win over the Giants, and immediately after the bye they went 4-3 and looked like they could make the playoffs.

But the Jets have since lost their last five games, scoring two offensive touchdowns in that span, which is inexcusable even for an injury-ravaged team.

“We are searching,” Saleh said. “I have to find a way to get better and compete. I have to keep grinding.”

The Jets have scored 10 total offensive touchdowns in 12 games this season, but it’s hard to see how this is incompetence. In their last six games, they have scored three offensive touchdowns, but none against Atlanta on Sunday.

Jets owner Woody Johnson speaks with GM Joe Douglas on the field. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Tim Boyle became the fourth quarterback the Jets have played this season when he replaced Trevor Siemian in the fourth quarter Sunday in place of ineffective No. 2 Zach Wilson, who took over after Rodgers’ injury.

If Siemian starts next Sunday against the Texans, he will tie the record for the most starting QBs for the Jets since 1989, when Ken O’Brien replaced Tony Eason, Pat Ryan replaced Kyle McKee. It turns out.

The Jets finished 4-12 that season, and Joe Walton was fired as head coach and had a beer cup thrown at him on his way out of the Giants Stadium tunnel at the end.

If the Jets lose while still in the lead, they will lose 10 in a row and finish with a record of 4-13, and their grand plans for 2023 will fall apart just like Rodgers’ Achilles did three months ago. I might.



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