Jets must knock down Patriots, Bill Belichick

No one has given NYJ more misery and enjoyed it more than Bill Belichick.

For Jets fans still trying to recover from the sight of Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles tendon playing just four snaps in the home opener, Belichick trudged to midfield, shook Robert Saleh’s hand and trudged into MetLife Stadium on Sunday. I’m sure there’s nothing more gratifying than being sent off. In his first season as the Patriots’ head coach, and their first 0-3 loss since 2000, he was slated to replace Bill Parcells on the Jets’ sideline.

Belichick has never looked more vulnerable. He hasn’t won a playoff game since Tom Brady left. Since 1979, only six teams have made the playoffs after starting 0-3. The last time the Texans made the playoffs was in 2018.

If the Jets don’t get Belichick now, they may never get him, and with the looming schedule being this daunting, the season is starting to get out of control and the 12-year season is over. There is a clear and present danger that this may continue. This is the first playoff drought in 13 years.

Bury him now.

Bury him now…or carry your regrets with you forever.

Rain and wind may be in the forecast, but Darth Belichick should have a storm warning.

Rogers won’t be charging down the tunnel with an American flag this time.

This time it’s Zach Wilson vs. GOAT.

An angry and desperate goat.

Sunday, September 17, 2023, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick got into an argument with officials after a phone conversation during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Miami Dolphins.

He was the division’s owner from 2009 to 2019, largely scoffing at the Jets’ attempts to dethrone him.

The player who defeated the Jets 14 times in a row.

14th consecutive time. Does such a thing ever happen? He’s done with espionage, right? No more deflated balls for quarterbacks, right?

Saleh is the sixth and latest Jets head coach not here to kiss Belichick’s ring.

zach wilson
Zach Wilson has a big job ahead of him.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

If Belichick can make Sam Darnold see ghosts in prime time, how many ghosts will Wilson see during the day?

Don’t ask.

You better believe Belichick will dare to beat Garrett Wilson while robbing him at every turn.

It’s part of offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s role to devise the perfect game plan to help wrap this quarterback in a cocoon and get him yards when he needs them on third down. He may also have a role on the offensive line (without LT Duane Brown).

But it will mostly be about the Jets’ defense.

Let’s win the match.

Do you want to keep saying your goal is to be the No. 1 defenseman in the league? Please show us.

On Monday, September, when the New York Jets played against the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets defensive end Michael Clemons (72) sacked Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) and forced a fumble. It was forced, but New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams (95) recovered during the second half. 11, 2023
New York Jets defensive end Michael Clemons, 72, sacks Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, 17, forcing a fumble, but New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen・Williams (95 years old) recovered in the second half.
Robert Szabo of the New York Post

That’s because they didn’t show elite defense last week in Dallas.

The last time the Patriots went 0-2 was in 2001, when Zach Wilson was 2 years old.

Belichick, working with a new offensive coordinator for the first time, will deliver a quality defense that makes opposing quarterbacks look like child’s play.

The problem for Belichick continues to be a lack of difference-making offensive talent. That includes quarterback Mac Jones.

Jones was the No. 15 pick in the 2021 draft and Wilson was the No. 2 overall pick. To say the least, Jones reminded no one of a young Brady, and Wilson reminded no one of a young Rodgers. But under coordinator Bill O’Brien, Jones looks better than he did a year ago.

The Jets’ short-term schedule includes Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, then the Eagles, with a road game in Denver against Hackett’s old friend Sean Payton.

Things can get slow here quickly.

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, 94, sacks New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, 10, during the second half at Gillette Stadium.
Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, 94, sacks New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, 10, during the second half at Gillette Stadium.
USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)

In an ideal world, Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook could ground out and pound behind a strong O-line and help keep Zach Wilson at a manageable third.

When was the last time the Jets lived in an ideal world since January 12, 1969?

Introducing Quinnen Williams.

Enter Sauce Gardner.

Introducing CJ Mosley.

Saleh and defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich enter.

Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich speaks with the media after practice in Florham Park, New Jersey.
Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich speaks with the media after practice in Florham Park, New Jersey.
Bill Kostron/New York Post

The Jets’ flair that ruined Josh Allen in Week 1 was nowhere to be seen against Dak Prescott.

If the Jets’ defense works the way they have in mind, the Jets will cover Wilson and give him short fields at some point.

Even better, give him points on a green and white platter.

Prescott attempted 38 passes last week. He was fired once by Solomon Thomas. But this is just the next thing. In a Week 5 game against his QB Steve DeBerg of the Buccaneers, who attempted 49 passes, the 1985 Bears failed to record a single sack of him. Therefore!

Rodgers would have kept Belichick up at night this week. Zach Wilson didn’t. Belichick kept Wilson and Hackett up at night.

Bury him now. or.

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