Jewish Journalism Student ‘Jabbed’ In Eye With Palestinian Flag Pole While Reporting On Protest

Jewish Yale University student Sahar Tartak was reportedly “stabbed” in the eye with a Palestinian flag pole while reporting on a pro-Palestinian protest on the school’s campus Saturday night. .

Tartak, the editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, posted on X (formerly Twitter) that he was hit in the eye with the edge of a Palestinian flag while surrounded by activists.Tartac Said According to the New York Post, she and a friend were attacked for their Hasidic Jewish attire while reporting on anti-Israel protests, and a crowd formed around them as they filmed. (Related: ‘Stop recording’: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Columbia University refuse to talk to reporters, instruct ‘media team’)

“Tonight at Yale University, I was assaulted by a student at an anti-Israel protest. He stabbed me in the eye with a Palestinian flag. Now I’m in the hospital, visibly Jewish. This is what happens when students attend these meetings and try to document them,” Turtak said in his first post.

Tartak’s second post later showed a video of the moment when protesters carrying Palestinian flags surrounded the students and Tartak shouted in response. The student tried to chase her alleged attacker, but claimed her protesters formed a “human blockade” to stop her.

“Oh, you got stabbed.”[bing] -” Tartak could be heard screaming before the clip cut out.

After the incident, Turtak recorded a conversation with one of the protest organizers, in which he claimed there was a delay in finding the suspect in the attack.

“I want you to think about it, what do you really want to get out of this?” the organizer asked Tartak.

Tartak appealed to organizers to remove the person who assaulted her from the protest, but the activists nodded in agreement, saying everyone wanted the rally to be “peaceful.” He claimed that there was.

“I would like to ask you a few more questions,” the organizer said.

“No, we’re stuck,” Tartak replied.

“No, we are not stalling,” the organizers pushed back.

Additional footage from that night posted by Tartak shows pro-Palestinian protesters marching in a circle around Jewish students with their backs to the wall. One of the activists could be heard telling others to move closer to the wall, but Tartak questioned their motives behind the move.

“Can you come to the wall?” one protester was heard saying.

“Can they hit the wall?” There are people against the wall. So they can come against the wall and hit me? It’s a great idea,” Tartak said.

“Come closer,” another protester continued.

Other moments captured from the chaotic night include students showing up to school and cheering. under They hoisted an American flag on campus while shouting “Viva Viva Palestine” while holding another flag. showing A pro-Palestinian protester performs the rap song “Free the Palestinian bitch, Israel will die bitch.”

Yale University authorities are reportedly investigating the incident, and the university’s president Peter Salovey on Sunday condemned the “reports of egregious conduct.” according to To NY Post.

“We are aware of reports of egregious behavior, including intimidation and harassment, shoving in crowds, removal of flags from squares, and other harmful actions,” Salovey said.

The Daily Caller reached out to the Yale Police Department for comment on the matter, but did not receive a response.