Jewish students slam elite colleges for letting antisemitism run rampant: ‘Moral corruption’

Anti-hate watchdogs recently gave failing grades to some of America’s most prestigious universities for their handling of anti-Semitism on campus, but students at those same elite universities say the results are surprising. They are saying that this is not the case.

“The moral corruption surrounding our nation’s elite academic institutions is alarming and not just for Jews,” Eyal Yakoby, an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, told Fox News Digital.

“Hate among professors and fellow students is pervasive, and administrators are still searching for a moral compass. This study should serve as a wake-up call, and academic institutions should stop being vague about anti-Semitism. “We should,” he continued.

Jacoby said that while universities such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University have received failing F grades due to anti-Semitic situations on their campuses, universities such as Penn University, the University of California, Berkeley, etc. schools were reacting to a recent report released by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). And Princeton University received a D grade.

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An Instagram account run by an anti-Israel Harvard faculty member has come under fire after sharing a post containing anti-Semitic images. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images)

The grades are part of the ADL’s new Campus Anti-Semitism Report Card, which surveyed 85 schools and assigned grades from “A to F based on 21 criteria, categorized by : Administrative actions and policies, happenings on campus, and Jewish student life “on campus,” according to a press release issued last week.

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Since war broke out in Israel on October 7, anti-Semitic incidents have spiked on campuses across the country, and university leaders have come under fire on the national stage for their handling of anti-Semitism. ing.

The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University both had their presidents resign amid national and campus outrage after being taken to Congress in December and heavily criticized for their handling of anti-Semitism on their respective campuses.

When asked for comment on the study and Jacoby’s comments, a Penn spokesperson said in a statement that ADL’s “efforts to combat anti-Semitism are extremely important” and that the school “does not support anti-Semitism on campus.” “We value ADL’s expertise and continued involvement as we proactively work to prevent these crimes.” Both now and in the long term. ”

“We recognize there is still work to do and we are working on it with urgency and intensity.”

“The University of Pennsylvania celebrates our strong Jewish community and strives to be a place where all Jewish students, faculty and staff can thrive,” the spokesperson continued. “Penn has repeatedly and unconditionally condemned anti-Semitism. We have implemented a comprehensive action plan to combat anti-Semitism and are working to ensure the safety and security of our campus. We are taking decisive and important action. We have hosted multiple experts and panels over the past few months to provide knowledge about the history of anti-Semitism and strategies to prevent it. Our Anti-Semitism Task Force is working diligently to provide interim recommendations and will soon recommend additional actionable steps Penn can take to have a lasting impact. ”

Harvard University and more than a dozen other college campuses receive failing scores on ADL Anti-Semitism Report Card

Counter-demonstrators holding Cambridge signs

A protester is subdued by police during an anti-Israel demonstration in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 9, 2023. (Fox News Digital)

Jewish high school students in New York City This year, members of the community were even warned not to apply to Cornell University after it reportedly failed to protect Jewish students from repeated anti-Semitism.

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Talia Khan, an MIT graduate student who testified to Congress about the rise in anti-Semitism on campus, said the prestigious school’s rejection was not a shock.

“As a student at MIT, it’s unfortunate but not surprising that MIT received an F grade, making it one of the worst schools in the country for Jews.” “He was shocked why Jewish students were so upset,” Khan told Fox News Digital. Ta.

“Sally Kornbluth and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology administration have repeatedly ignored Massachusetts Institute of Technology rules and disrupted the academic experience by Hamas and PFLP terrorist sympathizers who have never received discipline that would prevent them from continuing to operate at the university.” MIT is an unsafe environment for all students, especially Jews and Israelis.”

Kornbluth was censured along with the presidents of Harvard and Penn Universities in a December congressional hearing, but he did not resign like his fellow academics. MIT had been repeatedly accused, including before the outbreak of war, of vandalizing Holocaust exhibits and failing to prevent anti-Semitic acts by a student group called the Anti-Apartheid Coalition, which reportedly proclaimed support for Hamas. . The New York Post reported in December..

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MIT suspended the student group in February, Kornbluth said, for “again” demonstrating “on campus without going through the normal permission process that applies to all student groups at MIT.” Ta.

"stand with Gaza" Signs held up among crowds of protesters

Students at American University in Washington, DC, participate in a campus protest against Israeli attacks in Gaza on November 1, 2023. (Celal Gunes/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Universities have seen repeated anti-Israel protests and rallies since October, including this month when an estimated 150 students at California’s Pomona College stormed an administrative building, leading to arrests. This includes incidents in which the university president issued a strict warning that the behavior would not be tolerated. Earlier this month, anti-Israel protesters at Rutgers University in New Jersey called for police assistance at City Hall.

Harvard University crowds around truck sign calling for president to resign after Appenn fallout

Beyond academia, anti-Israel agitators on Monday alone blocked San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and New York City’s Wall Street, with many chanting “free, free Palestine” and “Israel bombs.” shouted. How many children has the US killed today? ”

Monday’s protests came after Iran launched an unsuccessful attack on Israel over the weekend, including deploying hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles launched from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. It was received and carried out. The attack caused only minor damage to Israel.

Asked whether a culture of anti-Semitism on American campuses and across the country might be emboldening Iran, Khan said terrorists could be “excited” by anti-Israel protests in the United States. said that it was high.

“I couldn’t put myself in those people’s minds, but they’re thrilled to see 18-year-old kids from the United States holding an event supporting a terrorist group. I imagine it would be,” she said.

According to the ADL’s report, only two schools received an A rating: Brandeis University and Elon University. 17 schools received a B grade and 29 schools received a C grade.

Israeli flag at pro-Israel rally

Since the outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel on October 7, 2023, anti-Semitic incidents have skyrocketed on campuses across the United States. (Peter Garber, Fox News Digital)

“It’s time for campuses to come together to protect our children from the hate and anti-Semitism that has spread this year on college campuses across the country,” said Emma Roe of Mothers Against College Anti-Semitism. Oppmann said in an ADL press release. “We hope the ADL report card will serve as much-needed information. [wake-up] We urge schools to prioritize creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students. MACA members are well-prepared and energetic to demand massive change from school leaders across the country. ”

Some universities have since rejected the report’s findings, including Tufts University, which received an F grade.


“We disagree with the ADL grades and encourage people to examine the underlying data,” a Tufts University spokesperson told Fox News Digital when the report was first released.

“As the ADL itself notes, Tufts University has a vibrant Jewish student life and has established policies, practices, and training to improve the campus environment and combat anti-Semitism. We have leaders who are committed to this effort, and who are committed to promoting listening and dialogue across campus, and are taking a decisive stand against the BDS movement and violently fighting anti-Semitic incidents on campus.” denounced. ”