Jimmy Carter spotted at Georgia festival a week before his 99th birthday

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn attended a festival in Plains, Georgia, one week shy of his 99th birthday next Saturday.

Former president and first lady appeared on video Posted What appeared to be a black SUV appeared at the Plains Peanut Festival, an event that includes activities such as “road races,” “fun runs,” and “folk plays,” on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Participated by car. according to Visit the Friends of Jimmy Carter website.

The Carter Center reposted the video and confirmed that the two former White House residents were in the SUV.

“It’s a great day for President and Mrs. Carter to enjoy the Plains Peanut Festival!” at the Carter Center post read. “And just one week before he turns 99, we’re pretty sure peanut butter ice cream will be on the lunch menu!”

Carter, now the longest-living former president, entered hospice care earlier this year. Just last week, his grandson said he and Rosalyn were “coming to the end.” The former first lady was also diagnosed with dementia in May.

“They’re together. They’re at home. They love each other, and I don’t think anyone could get anything better than that,” said Jason Carter, the former president’s grandson and president of the Carter Center. Ta. Said To USA Today. “So this is the perfect situation for this time in their lives.”

Jason Carter also said that current President Joe Biden is still in contact with the former president, “just to let him know that I continue to think about my grandfather and that I’m praying for him.” Told. Biden and Carter’s tenures in the federal government overlapped, with Biden at the end of his first term in the Senate when Carter took office. Jason Carter also said he thought the two had a small past connection.

“He lives in Plains, Georgia, in the same house he built in the 1950s. And despite all the things he’s done in life, he remains firmly rooted in who he is. Their abilities are amazing,” Jason Carter said of his grandparents. “And frankly, even though Biden has spent his entire life in Washington, he still has the same connections that he had when he was alive, like a simpler, more humble time.” I think I have one.”

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