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Joe Biden Admin Admits East Palestine Cleanup Will Take Three Months

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Michael Regan said Friday he expects cleanup in East Palestine, Ohio, to take three months.

“We are committed to Norfolk Southern cleaning up this mess as soon as possible. We are optimistic that the cleanup will be complete in three months,” Regan said on a conference call Friday. rice field.

“We will continue to be transparent. We will continue to ensure that the people of Eastern Palestine receive the protection they deserve and that Norfolk Southern is held accountable,” the EPA administrator added. .

Addressing governors seeking to block the shipment of hazardous waste from Eastern Palestine to facilities in their state, Regan also said that shipping contaminated soil to other states was not “abnormal” and that these The governor, who tried to block the transportation of

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan speaks during a press conference in East Palestine, Ohio, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023. (AP Photo/Matt Freed)

“I think the response of some states to block potential shipments of these wastes is extraordinary,” he said. “A reminder to all states that attempts to sabotage interstate transportation of hazardous waste threaten the integrity of the system.”

EPA administrators also say these same states “routinely receive similar waste from across the country.”

As such, the EPA is “notifying” all states, and agencies “will do everything in their power to ensure that hazardous waste continues to be treated and disposed of nationwide,” Regan said. .

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, a Republican, lamented, “He said he would block shipments from Norfolk Southern from Eastern Palestine to Oklahoma facilities,” adding, “This is unacceptable and unacceptable.”

Regan concluded by urging other state governors not to “interfere” in clearing East Palestine.

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