Joe Biden Fall Not ‘Important’

NBC reporter Ben Collins suggested that Fall President Joe Biden’s taking the stage at the U.S. Air Force Academy commencement ceremony on Thursday was not a “important” subject to discuss.

Breitbart News reported on Biden’s downfall:

The video shows the 80-year-old Biden scurrying off the stage as he stumbles, stumbles, and nearly falls to his knees on all fours.

A staff member quickly picked him up before he staggered behind the fence.

According to the White House Poole report, he appeared to “trip over a black sandbag on stage” but “looked fine and remained on his feet until the ceremony ended minutes later.”

But Collins worried that Biden’s downfall would dominate the narrative across social media.

‘Oh, Joe Biden just passed out’ Collins tweeted. “Please do not read anything important on this site for the next 72 hours.”

Wendell Hussebo of Breitbart News added:

In February, Mr. Biden released the results of a physical examination that showed he suffered from neuropathy in his legs and atrial fibrillation. The White House refused to tell lawmakers whether he had taken a cognitive test.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll found that a majority of Americans are concerned about Mr. Biden’s “health and mental acuity,” including three out of four Democrats. 50% are “very” or “somewhat” concerned, and 26% are “a little” concerned. In this regard, a poll in May turned out.

A majority of voters polled in this week’s Quinnipiac poll also think President Joe Biden is too old for a second term as president of the United States.

Did Biden stumble? fell Several times during his presidency, including autumn got off his bike.

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