‘Joe Biden Has Put a Kick Me Sign on Uncle Sam’s Back’

On this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) hopes President Joe Biden will sign a bill showing links between COVID-19 and Chinese labs. But he said he was still critical. In particular, Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week.

“Do you think the president will sign a bill to declassify information about COVID-19?” asked host Maria Bartiromo.

“I think he’ll sign it, Maria,” Cotton replied. All I can say is that the observations I made on your show three years ago and since have not really been based on any kind of classified information, but common sense and our eyes. It is based on previous facts.”

“Any Arkansas farmer or truck driver with common sense would say that this virus almost certainly came from those labs,” he continued. The Biden administration does not want to go along with that view, they want to continue highlighting the uncertainty and lack of direct evidence that China has covered up. We do not want to be forced to act to hold China accountable for unleashing this epidemic upon the world.”

“Yes, and the question persists, why? Why not?” Bartiromo replied. “So now we are moving our adversaries and Xi Jinping will meet with Putin tomorrow. What do you think of this meeting?”

“Unfortunately, Malia, Joe Biden signed Kick Me on Uncle Sam’s back,” said Cotton. “When America retreats from the world, it creates a lack of leadership, unsatisfactory for peace, stability and understanding. So many nations believe that America will continue to lead the civilized world, defend our own interests, safeguard international stability and order, and give America — the blessing of security, freedom, and prosperity to the American people. I am questioning whether to give

“A particular danger at this next meeting is whether China will commit to arming Russia to continue its gratuitous war of aggression in Ukraine,” he added. I don’t think we had enough power to explain to China the consequences of such a serious action.”

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