Joe Biden inadvertently argues against his own re-election campaign: ‘Totally legitimate to do that’

Last week, President Joe Biden inadvertently voted against his re-election.

The 80-year-old president admitted that questions about his age were “perfectly justified” for Americans to raise as he spoke with ABC News anchor David Muir about his plans for 2024. That particular question is what opponents use to oppose his re-election.

Noting that both Biden’s supporters and critics have been discussing his age, Muir said, “If you’re re-elected, they know you’ll be 82 when you take office.” You’ll be 86 at the end of the day. Is your age part of your own calculation of whether to run again?”

“No. But it’s legal for people to raise issues about my age. It’s perfectly legal to do that,” Biden replied. please look.”

Biden opens with David Muir in Ohio, Russia in 2024 |

One prominent critic of Biden who has raised questions about his age, and the age of politicians in general, is Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

A former South Carolina governor has advocated a policy of subjecting politicians over the age of 75 to cognitive tests to gauge their mental capacity to hold key leadership positions in government.

“In the America I see, permanent politicians will finally retire,” Haley said in her official campaign opening speech. require a mental ability test.”

Haley, 51, later added, “America isn’t past its prime, but our politicians are just past their age.”

The proposal was criticized by politicians like 81-year-old Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Influence 10% of CongressSenator Diane Feinstein (Democrat of California), who announced she would not run for re-election this month, is the oldest member of Congress at 89. She is just three months older than Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa, Republican), who was re-elected last November.

For his part, Biden is “a healthy, vigorous 80-year-old,” his primary care doctor said in a letter after performing a physical exam this month.

However, the doctor said nothing about Biden’s mental abilities, nor did he say he had taken tests to measure the president’s mental cognition.

Dr. Thomas Wisniewski, Director of Cognitive Neurology at NYU-Langone Medical Center, told the New York Times All 80-year-olds should undergo a basic psychocognitive test during physical examination.

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