Joe Biden Says US Helped Israel Take Down “Nearly All” Iran Drones, Missiles

Joe Biden says US troops or facilities have not been attacked by Iran

President Joe Biden said Saturday that the U.S. military helped bring down “nearly all” of the drones and missiles launched by Iran toward Israel, reaffirming his “ironclad” support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. he added.

Biden added in his statement that he would convene the leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy nations on Sunday to coordinate a “unified diplomatic response” to Iran’s “brazen” attack.

“Iran and its proxies in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq have launched unprecedented airstrikes against Israeli military facilities. I condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms,” ​​Biden said. said.

He said he had ordered the dispatch of U.S. military planes and a ballistic missile defense destroyer to the Middle East in recent days as the potential threat from Iran to a key U.S. ally became clearer.

“Thanks to these deployments and the extraordinary skill of our military personnel, we have helped Israel shoot down nearly all of the drones and missiles that come our way,” Biden said.

Biden added that he spoke with Netanyahu to reaffirm “America’s unwavering commitment” to Israel’s security.

“I said Israel’s demonstration of its remarkable ability to defend against and defeat even an unprecedented attack sent a clear message to its adversaries that its security cannot be effectively threatened. ” he said.

He said no U.S. forces or facilities were attacked by Iran.

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