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Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson walk the runway at Vogue fashion show in Paris

It’s a quiet time on the NFL calendar: Free agency is almost over, schedules have been released, minicamps and OTAs are over, and there are only a few weeks left of the offseason before training camp begins.

That means whether your job is to cover the league (readers, send us your story ideas!) or get training camps ready for Sunday’s games, everyone is looking for something to do.

This is a story about the latter group.

Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson recently hung up their helmets and pads, bought some high-end clothes, and traveled to Paris to sightsee. Vogue World 2024:

You can find more details on the former here LSU My teammates are:

“I’ve always loved clothes but didn’t really understand the industry, so I wanted to learn more,” Barrow said. trend.

“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. [and] I think being on a show is a great way to do that.” Barrow said.,according to trend He was wearing a backless black suit with a satin collar. Peter Do“I think the fusion of fashion and sports will continue to grow.”

“This is my first show,” Jefferson said. trend, “And who wouldn’t want to see Vogue World for the first time?”

that’s right.