Joe Rogan backs RFK Jr., blasts state of US

Joe Rogan has endorsed 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., slamming American politics as “a show you can’t stop watching.”

The controversial podcaster, 56, endorsed the 69-year-old Kennedy scion, who is running against President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee, on “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Wednesday.

“He’s a fascinating guy,” Logan told guest journalist Alex Berenson. “I would vote for him…I don’t think I’ll get that opportunity.

“I feel like there is [Democrats] I had some dirty tricks up my sleeve that he would never try. ”

Logan said the environmental lawyer “really cares about people” and considers himself a “good person.”

Berenson agreed that he “likes” Kennedy, but stressed that he “disagrees” with the White House candidate’s views on the coronavirus vaccine.

Joe Rogan has endorsed 2024 Democratic nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but he predicts Democrats will use “sneaky tactics to keep President Biden from ever challenging him again.”
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RFK Junior
Kennedy, 69, is an environmental lawyer who found himself in trouble over the summer after spewing outlandish conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.
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“I think he’s right to raise questions about mRNA. I disagree with many details of what he said,” he told Rogan.

President Kennedy was photographed at a New York City dinner spouting conspiracy theories earlier this year, claiming the virus was a genetically engineered biological weapon and could have been “ethnically targeted” to save Jews. And I had a terrible experience.

“COVID-19 targets white people and black people. The most immune people are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people,” he told Tony’s di Napoli on July 15. He spoke at a dinner party at a restaurant. Or ethnic differences and influences. ”

Guest and journalist Alex Berenson.
Guest and journalist Alex Berenson agreed that Rogan “likes” RFK Jr., but said he “disagrees with many details of what he said” about the coronavirus vaccine. .
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He then did damage control, claiming he had “never uttered an anti-Semitic word in my life.”

Rogan, who had his own headline-making moment after circulating anti-COVID-19 vaccine comments, remained silent after Berenson’s comments and moved the conversation elsewhere.

The podcaster said the current situation in the United States is “like a show you can’t stop watching.”

“If I wasn’t personally involved, if it wasn’t something that was happening in the country where I live, I would think, ‘Wow, this show is crazy.’ Will that person be successful? What’s going to happen? Is she going to become president or is Russia going to nuke us?”

The “she” he was referring to is Vice President Kamala Harris, who said earlier this month that she “might have to take over” if the 80-year-old Biden is unable to complete his term.

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