John Curtis Supports Climate Change Ideology, Flirts with Senate Bid

Republican Congressman John Curtis (R-Utah) is an ardent supporter of climate change ideology, a radical position that seeks to restructure the American economy from capitalism to socialism.

Mr. Curtis’ radical stance on global warming is an issue that is likely to play a key role during his term. potential bid A senator from Utah, a traditionally red state.

Republican Congressman, formerly Democratic Partyis a well-known advocate of climate change ideology.

  • he called His “North Star” to fight climate change believe Many conservatives are science “deniers.”
  • curtis believe Climate change is a serious threat.
  • he guided The House Republican Caucus will participate in the United Nations COP27 in 2022, and the House Republican Caucus also plans to participate. COP28. The United Nations climate conference aims to: Exclude Fossil fuel.
  • Curtis too I participated far left black money group earth justice And that National Resources Defense Council For supporting a bill that blames the weather on “climate change.”

“The same policies that are best for our environment are the same policies that are best for our national security, energy independence, agriculture, and economy,” Curtis said recently. Posted With X.

Curtis said in October that he would not run for the Senate and would remain in the House, but after Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) announced his retirement, Curtis told KUTV 2 News. reconsider:

There is a steady drumbeat from Utahns across the state asking me to reconsider last month’s decision to withdraw from the Senate race. These voices are getting louder, more organized, and harder to ignore.

Because so many Utahns have asked, we decided to take a new look. As part of that evaluation, I’m considering not only what’s best for me and my family, but what’s best for our current district and state. I do counseling with friends, supporters and teams.

Climate change isn’t the only area where Mr. Curtis is disconnected from the Republican grassroots.

  • Mr. Curtis supported the amnesty bill.
  • He helped kill an amendment that would have defunded military pride events.
  • He joined the Democratic Party to protect China from U.S. tariffs.

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