John Piper: ‘Political Flag Waving’ Has No Place in Christian Worship

Author and theologian John Piper recently stressed during a contentious election season that there is no “political flag waving” for “Christian worship.”

On a recent episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Piper, currently president of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, answered a question from a listener named Matthew about the distinction between telling the truth and waving a political flag. .

according to christian postHe promotes party allegiance to moral principles, conflating moral positions with political affiliation, placing undue expectations on political solutions to social problems, and taking Biblical teachings out of context to justify partisanship. He outlined six characteristics of what he called “bad political flag-waving.” agenda.

“Waving a bad political flag means bringing partisan politics to the fore in non-partisan settings, such as Christian services. Advocating a party’s political platform means, for example, “That’s true at a national convention, where you can properly wave the flag, but not in Christian worship,” wrote Piper, who pastored Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis for almost 33 years.

He also talked about how Christians can take a biblical approach to “speaking truth to power.”

“Speaking truth to power in a truly Christian manner is always a call to repentance and trust in the forgiving grace of Jesus,” Piper asserted.

The Desiring God founder also addressed the theme of “separation of church and state,” explaining that Christians should participate in social debate but must avoid using government power to impose their religious beliefs. did.

“[No] Human governments should never exercise their Biblical right to wield the sword to enforce religion or oppose religion itself. The reason I used this expression is that the bad act of forcibly establishing or forcibly maintaining a religion may be compatible with the morals of a religion, but it is not compatible with the regulations and prohibitions of a religion. This is to distinguish it from the good act of enacting a law that contains nothing at all. As such,” he said.

Piper emphasized the importance of meeting the spiritual needs of all people through the gospel, as well as the need for faith and repentance.

“Please be willing to die to speak truth to the powerful and the weak. But always remember that there is a big difference between this and political flag-waving.” he said.

Piper has previously spoken out on political issues during past election seasons, and again during the 2020 election. explained Why couldn’t he support either candidate Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Although he did not mention names, he cited Biden’s support for “infancidal” policies, “gender reassignment” and “socialist overreach” and Trump’s “unrepentant sexual immorality” and “unrepentant sexual immorality.” I compared both of them.

“I have no intention of developing a calculus for deciding which path of destruction to favor,” he wrote at the time. “It is not my duty. My mission is to lead people to Jesus Christ, to trust in His forgiveness of sins, to value Him above all things in this world, and to lead lives that demonstrate His all-satisfying values.” and help them get to heaven with love and holiness. That mission is contradicted by supporting cultural corruption and the path to eternal damnation.”

2017, Piper called Trump is “morally unfit” because of his “past immoral conduct and continued unwillingness to renounce it as evil.”

in 2020 Editorial for christian postAbby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood, claimed Piper’s comments were “ridiculous.”

“Pride doesn’t kill babies. Boasting doesn’t tear them apart in their mother’s womb. Pride doesn’t tear them apart in their mother’s womb. Pride doesn’t kill babies when they try to tear them limb from limb with a sharp instrument while they’re still alive. There is no running away. No, abortion does that, and only abortion alone,” she wrote at the time.

“We cannot legislate pride, bragging and arrogance. But we can legislate abortion,” Johnson continued. “In fact, you can make it illegal. And that’s what’s at stake. Lives are at stake. The innocent lives of precious babies are at stake. It’s not pride. It’s not arrogance. there is no.”

Evangelist Franklin Graham also claimed that Piper was “wrong on this issue.”

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Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer and content creator. He is a contributor to Christian Headlines and host of the For Your Soul Podcast, a podcast dedicated to sound doctrine and Biblical truth. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Alliance Theological Seminary.



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