Jon Stewart Attacks Israel’s War of Self-defense Against Hamas, Demands Ceasefire

Comedian Jon Stewart delivered a monologue. daily show On Monday night, he criticized Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack and mocked the Biden administration’s failure to crack down on what it called a five-month bombing campaign.

The show marks Stewart’s third time hosting the show every Monday night since returning from an extended hiatus.

Mr Stewart mocked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s post-war Gaza plans, saying: “So your peace plan is a siege?” He falsely claimed that Netanyahu was trying to end Hamas’s “invention” and likened it to George W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” in Iraq.

(Israeli leaders have said they want to end Hamas’ military power and ability to govern, not eliminate its “ideology.”)

Mr. Stewart claimed that Israel was trying to “destroy” Gaza, saying, “Your plan to eliminate Hamas by destroying all of Gaza…Won’t that just create more Hamas?” he joked.

The audience laughed and applauded as Stewart called for an immediate end to the war. He also drew comparisons between Russia’s unprovoked bombing of Ukraine and Israel’s attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He admitted there was no “diplomatic space in Hamas’s position,” but he also criticized the lack of aid to Gaza. He also mocked Christian pastor John Hagee, a prominent supporter of Israel in the evangelical movement.

Stewart said that a “safe and free Israel” and a “safe and free Palestine” require both sides to accept the existence of the other. This point is already accepted by the majority of Israelis, and clearly by a large part of Palestinian society. I haven’t.

Stewart said the “solution” would be for Israel to cease fighting Hamas, for Hamas to release all Israeli hostages it is holding, for Arab states in the region to unite and form a regional “NATO”. He said that security should be provided to both countries. Conflict.

Nearly two-thirds of Israelis be against Today it is a two-state solution, a reversal from a decade ago, when almost two-thirds supported one state.

Joel B. Pollack is a senior editor at Breitbart News. Breitbart News Sunday Sunday nights from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET (4:00 PM to 7:00 PM PT) on Sirius XM Patriot. He is the author of the recent book, The Zionist Conspiracy (And How to Participate in It), now available on Audible. He is also the author of an e-book. Neither Free nor Fair: The 2020 US Presidential Election. He is the recipient of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter @joelpolak.



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