Jon Stewart ridicules Mary Trump on ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart appeared on Monday’s “The Daily” after the former president’s niece, who returned to the late-night talk show after a nine-year hiatus, called the TV host a “danger to democracy.”・He dragged Mary Trump into an episode of “The Show.”

Stewart began his return to hosting by taking aim at the ages of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump as part of a 20-minute conversation on his Comedy Central show starting at 11 p.m.

Stewart, who plans to return part-time during the campaign, dubbed the upcoming term “Indecisive 2024: Electoral Dysfunction” and called the two leading presidential candidates “in a difficult position due to their age.”

Jon Stewart poked fun at the backlash after Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump called the comedian a “danger to democracy.” daily show

The comedic rant infuriated left-leaning viewers, including President Trump’s niece Mary Trump, who responded to the episode: ×post “Mr. Stewart’s ‘both sides are the same’ rhetoric is not only uninteresting, it is a potential disaster for our democracy,” it read.

“I know Donald, the media needs to stop the shit on both sides,” she added. Later post.

Mary said she couldn’t put all her thoughts about “The Daily Show” on X, so she “wrote a free newsletter about it.”

Titled “Jon Stewart’s Danger to Democracy,” Mary said that Stewart “brought back to 2015’s tradition of ‘indecision’ – a ‘joke’ that was problematic on both sides.”

A week later, Stewart joked about the backlash as a screenshot of Mary’s post appeared on the screen.

“As the saying goes, ‘Democracy dies in controversy,'” he said, referring to the leftist Washington Post’s slogan, “Democracy dies in darkness.” There was laughter from the audience.

Mary is the author of Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man about her uncle and has contributed opinion pieces to the Washington Post.

Mary Trump wrote a newsletter called “Jon Stewart’s Danger to Democracy,” in which she said Stewart was “bringing back the tradition of 2015’s ‘indecision’: ‘jokes’ that were problematic on both sides.” Stated. AP

After showing footage of the 77-year-old president saying, “I don’t remember,” at multiple events, Stewart jokingly added, “I’m sorry,” adding, “The main cause of dementia is being removed from office. There is,” he added.

Stewart, 61, also quipped that Biden should “fire everyone” following his recent TikTok debut and said Biden looks “old”, following Biden’s bizarre comments. He called Biden a “chocolate chip cookie guy.” Inauguration video.

“I wasn’t going to say out loud what I saw with my eyes and my head. I can do better,” Stewart sarcastically declared on the latest episode of “The Daily Show.”

“But I don’t even know where to start. Where do I go to study the indisputable details of propaganda?” I asked a question to conclude the monologue.

He also addressed the negative reaction from sports commentators turned news podcasters. Keith Olbermann said:: “After 9 years, I have nothing to say to Jon Stewart, the two-sided con man who bashes Biden. Just give him another 9 years.”

Tennessee Election Commissioner Chris D. Jackson also added: “Oh. So you’re basically saying that because Biden is older, he’s basically as bad as Trump. Why don’t we as a country learn F? Too bad, but I also don’t.” I won’t look at you.”

Stewart took aim at the ages of both Trump and Biden as part of his first show since hosting “The Daily Show.” Reuters

Stewart’s return to the Comedy Central show comes after Trevor Noah stepped down in 2022 after hosting the news show for seven years, during which time Stewart hosted from 1999 to 2015. It was struggling to achieve the huge viewer ratings that it had in the past.

In the year since then, the network has not been able to find new faces for the topical satirical news show, but rumors have it that actor and President Barack Obama’s White House staffer Kal Penn, as well as Amy Poehler and Tina It has been suggested that Faye and Chris may appear. Rock’s names all came up.



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