Jonathan Majors’ Ex Testifies of Disney Star’s Alleged Abuse, Demands She Behave Like Michelle Obama

NEW YORK (AP) – Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend said Tuesday that Jonathan Majors was prone to explosive fits of anger, a pattern that escalated and ended with an assault in the back seat of a car and an assault this spring. He testified that this led to his arrest. .

In hours of tearful testimony, Grace Jabari traced the breakdown of her relationship with Majors. She described Majors as a “kind and loving” partner who, she said, became increasingly unable to control her “violent temper.” She said he threw his belongings against a wall, threatened to take his own life and sometimes called himself a “monster.”

“It felt like I was walking on eggshells,” said Jabari, a 30-year-old professional dancer from Britain. She said: “It had to be perfect.”

The romance in question came to a head on the night of March 25, she told jurors, on the way back to Manhattan from a dinner that had already been marred by a heated argument over Major’s recent outburst. As Jabari was leaning on her shoulder during her drive, she received a “romantic” text message from a woman named Cleopatra.

After she snatched the phone from his hand, Majors twisted her arm behind her back, causing her to experience “excruciating” pain, she said. “Next, I felt a strong jolt across her head,” she said, pantomiming the movement of her open hand touching the back of her skull.

“He’s so strong. He couldn’t move,” Jabari continued. “When he hit me in the head, the impact was huge and shocking.”

Video taken from various surveillance cameras shown to jurors showed that Major eventually snatched the phone from her hand and ran down a lower Manhattan street as Jabari gave chase.

The testimony came on the second day of the trial against Majors, an up-and-coming Hollywood movie star who played comic book supervillain Khan the Conqueror and was set to anchor the next phase of the Marvel movie universe. Ta.

The fate of these and other films starring Major remains uncertain since he was arrested in March on suspicion of assaulting Jabari in the back seat of his car. Majors’ attorney claimed she was the instigator of the confrontation and suggested her race, meaning Majors was black. Mr. Jabari is white, which may have been a factor in his arrest and prosecution.

The actor avoided eye contact with his ex-girlfriend for much of Tuesday’s testimony, scribbling notes to his lawyer and flipping through a gold-leafed Bible, explaining how she went from emotionally sensitive to abusive. He explained how the situation quickly changed.

“I was confused,” she said. “I felt scared of him, but I was also quite dependent on him.”

In the summer of 2022, while undergoing a strict diet and exercise regimen to play a bodybuilder in the film Magazine Dreams, Majors became “full of anger and aggression” without explanation, Jabari said. said.

He yelled abuse at her and threw things during one argument, leaving a dent in the wall and forcing her to hunker down and take shelter in her West Hollywood home, she recalled.

A few months later, Majors allegedly became furious with Jabari again when he returned home “tipsy” with friends while filming in England. In a recording played in court, Majors can be heard berating his girlfriend for not meeting the standards set by celebrity spouses such as Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

“I’m a great man. A great man!” Major declared. “We need great women who make sacrifices.”

Ms. Jabari on Tuesday also referred to a series of videos — likely to be the subject of cross-examination by Major’s lawyers — showing her partying at a Manhattan nightclub hours after the alleged assault.

Jabari told jurors that after forcing Major and others out of their car after the attack, he met a group of “generous” strangers on a street corner.

“The worst thing in my mind was to go back to the empty apartment we were sharing at that moment,” Jabari said. She admitted that she was “having the best time in the situation” as she was seen on the video smiling, dancing and taking pictures with her new friends. she added.

Jabari is scheduled to return to the stands on Wednesday.



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