Jonathan Taylor’s injury makes Zack Moss useful

There are few things worse than waiting. Waiting, whether it’s at a stoplight, in line at the grocery store, or watching your food being prepared at a fondue restaurant, is truly awful.

But there are worse things than waiting. That’s when waiting doesn’t pay off.

The light has turned blue, but someone is blocking the box. It’s finally my turn to call the grocery store and I need to check the prices. You will overcook the steak. The inconvenience of waiting turns into a disaster.

It’s like spending most of the season waiting for Cooper Kupp to come back and then suddenly watching him struggle. Or Devon Ashen could just come back and leave the game right away.

Or maybe they drafted Jonathan Taylor and were happy when it became clear he was actually going to play. But no, no! He had to wait the first four weeks to return from his ankle injury.

Finally he came back, and guess what! We’ll have to wait for his reps to step up and get him back into the yelling role. But in the end— finally! — He’s ranked among the top-10 RBs three times in five weeks, and things are looking up.

Then, what! Taylor will be out for several weeks to undergo thumb surgery. And let’s hope you handcuff Zack Moss. Because he will likely be hit on the waiver wire after Taylor returns. Because he’s instantly plug-and-play.

When Moss took on the role earlier this season, he played four weeks as a top-10 running back with five games from Weeks 2 to 6. He scored five touchdowns during the period. He was the overall RB3 in that span, finishing behind Raheem Mostert and Christian McCaffrey.

Well, we don’t expect such heights. In fact, this matchup isn’t very good. Opposing Tennessee defenses are much better against the run than they are against the pass.

Zack Moss runs the ball against the Buccaneers. USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)

However, the Titans’ defense earlier this season was much better against giving up points. Then Week 5 began, and Moss rushed for 165 yards and two touchdowns. So I’m not too worried about this matchup. Because in reality, his volume alone should carry the day.

How loud is Moss playing? I’d rather use him this week than Mostert or Ashen. Yes, can you hear me? That’s the ire of the fantasy community. If he submits one 50 point effort, you have to start every week forever, does anyone know the truth about Ashan?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Mostert and we love the good side of acne. But a lot can go wrong there. It is possible that one of them will monopolize rushing TDs. You can also split up the production enough that both are okay, but neither is great. Morsert is dealing with ankle and knee issues. She is still battling knee issues after Akan was withdrawn shortly after her return in Week 11.

Moss has no such concerns. All he offers is comfort. He was a warm blanket when Taylor was sidelined earlier this season. Snuggle into that blanket again.

important week

Derek Carr QB, Saints vs. Lions (Fanduel $7,000/DraftKings $5,600)

We didn’t expect the world from Kerr this season, but it turned out to be surprisingly pathetic. But if he becomes QB-bound this week, he should continue to struggle against the Lions, who boast the softest defense against opposing fantasy QBs.

Brian Robinson Jr. RB, Commanders vs. Dolphins (FD $6,800/DK $6,100)

It is notable that he is the No. 5 RB overall this season. However, he has started in less than half of the ESPN leagues. No matter the matchup, have this guy in your lineup. He has a big enough role in the passing game that he can be effective even when he’s behind.

Brian Robinson is a strong option at running back. Getty Images

Adam Thielen WR, Panthers, Buccaneers (FD $7,000/DK $6,600)

Yes, the past few weeks have been tough for Adam T. But he has an attractive matchup and a new coach, so perhaps that will fix some of the broken parts of this offense.

Cortland Sutton WR, Broncos vs. Texans (FD $6,900/DK $5,400)

He has scored TDs in 8 of 11 games. He allowed just 2 TDs to WRs in his first eight games. The Texans have scored four WRs in the past three games.

small weakness

Kyler Murray QB, Cardinals vs. Steelers (FD $7,700/DK $7,000)

It’d probably be fine to use him, but the tough Steelers might be better off ahead of guys like Justin Herbert, Brock Purdy, Tua Tagovailoa, Trevor Lawrence, Russell Wilson, and even Sam Howell. I wish they would stop pushing him into the lineup against D.

Breece Hall RB, Jets vs. Falcons (FD $6,700/DK $6,400)

Atlanta is allowing 4.6 fantasy points per week less than the league average, second-fewest. Additionally, Hall is addressing the issue of hum. Plus, he’s been pretty grumpy for the past month.

Breece Hall has struggled for the Jets in recent weeks. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

D’Andre Swift RB, Eagles vs. 49ers (FD $6,700/DK $6,600)

Since Week 6 of PPR, they have only been better than RB15 overall once. Since Week 3, the Niners have allowed just three TDs to running backs.

Cooper Kupp WR, Rams vs. Browns (FD $7,100/DK $7,800)

You know, I can’t explain it. I wish I could. But Kupp has been in single digits for five consecutive weeks. And now, the Rams have their marquee running back in Kyren Williams back. And they’re playing against the toughest defenses against fantasy WRs. This week is not a great opportunity for a comeback.

Daily Duel

Drew Loftis and Jarrad Wilk submit roster of duelists to DFS contest:

site: DraftKings
slate: Sun. Main (10 games)
type: $12 tournament
Grand prize: $20,000
pot: $200,000

Do you want to bet on the NFL?

Drew’s Crew

QB: Brock Purdy — SF (at Phi) $6,100

RB: Brian Robinson Jr. — (vs. Mir) $6,100

RB: Zack Moss — India (10am) $4,600

WR: Deebo Samuel — SF (at-phi) $6,200

WR: DeVonta Smith — Fi (vs. SF) $7,300

WR: Courtland Sutton — Den (at Hou) $5,400

TE: Taysom Hill — NO (vs. Det) $5,200

Flex: Jerome Ford — LAR $5,500

Summer Time: Falcons — Atl (at NYJ) $3,400

warriors of wilk

QB: Brock Purdy — SF (at Phi) $6,100

RB: Zack Moss — India (10am) $4,600

RB: Rathard White — TB (vs. car) $6,300

WR: Brandon Aiyuk — SF (at-phi) $7,200

WR: Michael Pittman Jr. — India (At Ten) $7,100

WR: Courtland Sutton — Den (at Hou) $5,400

TE: David Njoku — Cle (at LAR) $4,100

Flex: Bijan Robinson — Atl (NYJ) $6,700

DST: Patriots — NE (vs. LAC) $2,400

Follow @NYPost_Loftis on X for the latest changes to the Daily Duel roster.

risky season: $114
season prize money: Drew $58, Jarrad $9



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