Jordan, Comer Threaten Garland with Contempt over Hur Interviews

House Republicans on Monday fired new shots in their ongoing war with President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ).

House Judiciary and Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) each threatened Attorney General Merrick Garland with contempt Monday. letter.

On February 27, the pair filed a petition with Garland seeking access to audio recordings of Biden’s interview with ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer during Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. summoned Mr. But according to the letter, the Justice Department has only provided the committee with the redacted transcript of Mr. Hur’s interview with Mr. Biden, and not the audio recording, which the committee had “specifically prioritized,” according to a March 9 letter to Mr. Garland. It is said that it continues to be suspended. The Justice Department has not provided any recording or audio of the interview with Zwonitzer.

Monday’s letter to Garland reiterated his demands:[t]The Committee expects all response materials to be submitted by 12:00 p.m. on April 8, 2024 at the latest. If not, the committee will consider taking further action, including invoking proceedings for contempt of parliament. ”

Mr. Jordan and Mr. Comer also accused the Justice Department of misleading the committee regarding the department’s stated timeline for completing its review of the records.

According to reports, multiple media outlets reported that the records were not submitted to the committee before they were submitted to the committee, despite the department’s statement that it had just completed an “interagency review” on the morning of March. The agency reportedly received and reviewed the interview records between Special Counsel Huh and President Biden. 12 days immediately preceding the making of the record to the Committee. Before the committee received the dossier, his two agencies, the Department and the White House, were likely the only ones who had a copy of the dossier, so before the department could finalize it, the press had to release the dossier for political purposes. I can only assume that it was provided to “Interagency Review” Process. If not, it can only be assumed that the Department misled the Committee as to the timing of completing such a process.

Ho filed his report in February, and although he did not indict Biden, the report raised serious questions about Biden’s memory. The report states:[Biden] When my son Beau died, I didn’t remember it even years later. ” Biden also seemed unable to remember when he was vice president.

In an interview with our office…he doesn’t remember when he was vice president, and forgets the first day of the interview when his term ended (“If it was 2013, when would he have been vice president?” (Did you quit?), and I still forgot about it. The second day of the interview, when his term began (“2009, Am I Still Vice President?”).

Mr. Xu claimed that Mr. Biden’s mishandling of documents was “deliberate.”

Bradley Jay is Breitbart News’ Capitol Hill correspondent. Follow him on X/Twitter. @BradleyAJay.