Jordan Neely’s uncle arrested AGAIN, the 20th time in a year

For the second time in recent weeks and the 20th since last June, the uncle of the late Jordan Neely has been arrested on grand larceny charges. He was released under his supervision despite being arrested frequently.

Last week, TheBlaze reported that 44-year-old Christopher Neely was arrested on charges of possessing stolen credit cards, grand theft, and jumping bail. At around 11:15 p.m. on May 21, Neely was spotted at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan by members of the NYPD pick-pocketing team, who arrested him while trying to avoid arrest. He later identified himself as Jordan Neely’s uncle. Jordan Neely is a 30-year-old homeless man who infamously died on the New York City subway a month ago after being held in a chokehold by former Marine Daniel Penny for repeatedly harassing other passengers.

At the time of his arrest on May 21, Christopher Neely had the following symptoms: outstanding warrant After serving six months in prison after being convicted of grand theft in 2019, he was charged with parole violations. Because of his alleged parole violations, prosecutors have requested $10,000 bail for him on the charges.

But his court-appointed attorney, Garmeet Singh of the Harlem Neighborhood Attorney’s Office, has made an emotional appeal for cashless bail. The death of Jordan Neely was “a very painful experience for his family and a very tragic experience,” Singh told the court. “Christopher Neely is a big part of his family and takes care of his family.” The judge agreed and released Christopher Neely under his supervision.

Christopher Neely was rearrested Wednesday morning just 10 days after being released under surveillance, which may have vindicated prosecutors. Neely is accused of stealing a wallet from a woman last August, saving more than $8,600 on credit cards, stealing another wallet in April, and robbing a wallet worth $15,000 a few weeks later. ing. The three new charges of grand larceny are very similar to the 12 counts currently pending against him.

Neely was scheduled to appear in court on the morning of the same day on charges from last week. When he didn’t appear in court on Wednesday, Singh told Judge Josh Hanshaft, “From my understanding, Mr. Neely was picked up this morning. He is currently in custody.” Mr. Hanschaft postponed the May 21 hearing on the charges until July 19. At Thursday morning’s hearing on the latest grand theft charge, a judge again granted Neely’s release under supervision.

Neely was arrested Wednesday morning for the 20th time since June 2022, with most of the charges against him related to theft. He was arrested more than 70 times in his lifetime, and although he has served time on rape charges, most of his convictions have been related to robbery.

His nephew Jordan, who suffered from mental illness, 40 times He was also accused of violent crimes, including assault. Despite Jordan’s troubled career and his own lengthy rap sheet, Christopher Neely told prosecutors not to contract Penny, who is suspected of second-degree manslaughter in his nephew’s death. I told you. “I want this to go to court,” said Christopher Neely. “[Penny] I am so confident in myself that I have to be told that what I did was wrong. “

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