Joy Reid Says GOP Needs Weaponization Committee Because ‘Legitimate Media’ Won’t Report On Their ‘Conspiracies’

MSNBC’s Joy Reed argued Thursday that Republicans created the House Committee on Weaponization of the Federal Government so that “legitimate media” wouldn’t report on their “conspiracy.”

Reid took part in Thursday’s commission hearings, claiming Republicans are using it to spread “personal grievances” that “fan the flames of a conspiracy about deep state.” He argued that it was nothing more than a “non-serious effort to

“This is nothing more than Republicans indulging their own strange and constant self-pity and self-sacrifice,” Reed said. “Anger that our cultural priorities are not mainstream and that our favorite conspiracies are not believed.”

“They want something to stick,” she continued. “The problem is what they believe, their conspiracy theories are so outlandish that the legitimate media can’t go after them because they are just bananas and no one is for it. because you are not taking the time to (Related: Former agent breaks down in tears when detailing time with ‘politicized’ FBI)

Reed’s claim that the “legitimate media” will not pursue alleged Republican “conspiracy theories” comes nearly three years after NPR announced it would not cover the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop. is. Spend time on stories that are purely distracting. “

“The biggest reason” NPR didn’t cover the story was because “the allegations weren’t a big deal,” the outlet said, simply calling it a “political-driven event.”

Other media outlets have been reluctant to cover it since the New York Times admitted in March 2022 that the laptop and data were real.Hyperlink to another article article Questioning the existence of laptops and their data Written in 2020. The same article was updated in 2021 after President Joe Biden won the election. The Washington Post also confirmed its credibility at the same time. Both verifications came almost a year and a half after the Daily Caller News Foundation verified the laptop and its contents.

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