Justin Fields celebrates in video as Falcons trade rumors swirl

Justin Fields certainly seems happy despite all the rumors.

Amid rumors that the Bears are willing to trade the QB and use the No. 1 pick on USC’s QB, Fields’ manager Mario Nunez posted on his Instagram Story Tuesday night that Fields was all smiles. , posted a photo of herself clapping her hands and jumping up and down. Caleb Williams.

Justin Fields claps his hands in an Instagram video posted by his manager. @mario_nunez2/Instagram
Justin Fields jumps for joy in the video. @mario_nunez2/Instagram

Now, Fields is probably just happy to have nothing to do with the NFL.

But we do know that Bears general manager Ryan Pauls released this video just hours after saying that if the team were to trade Fields, they planned to do so before free agency begins on March 13th. is interestingly teased.

“If I go down that path, I want to do what Justin does,” Polish said at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday. “Nobody wants to live in the gray. I know it’s uncomfortable. I don’t want to be in that situation either. So we’re gathering information. We’ll move you as soon as possible.” . We’re not going to rush it, we’re going to look at what’s in place and what’s best for the organization.”

Oddsmakers already have the Falcons as favorites for Fields’ 2024 team, with Atlanta’s odds on DraftKings sitting at -175 as of Tuesday morning.

The Bears have odds of +175 while the Steelers are +300.

Justin Fields certainly looks happy in the video. @mario_nunez2/Instagram

New Falcons head coach Raheem Morris said the Falcons want to get the “best player for our city,” and said Fields is an interesting addition since he’s from Kennesaw, Georgia, and certainly excited the fans.

“We want the best fit for our employees, we want the best fit for our coaches, we want the best fit for our city, and we want to do all of those things.” Morris told CBS Sports.Jonathan Jones on Tuesday. “Nothing is ruled out. I forgot to mention trading, because all these things come into play. I’ve been through the process of acquiring…I know you’re going to jump on this perfect spot for our city…”

Raheem Morris said city fit is important for the team’s next quarterback. @NFLonCBS/X

When Mr. Jones asked about city boundaries, Mr. Morris said, “It’s certainly important.”

“People will read too much into those words and other things, but no matter what actions they take,” Morris said. “You can’t stop it. Some of them are from Atlanta. Some of them are from around Atlanta. You can name names as to how close some of those people are. What’s best for the team? We need to do the right thing at the right time. We won’t rule out anything until we make a decision that day.”



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