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Kansas City Chiefs Get Their Super Bowl Rings, But There’s A Big Mistake (And A Dumb One At That)

Is it me, or are the Chiefs the franchise of ignorance?

The Kansas City Chiefs were recently given their Super Bowl rings — you know, the No. 1 reason why NFL’ers play football (and money, but I digress!) — and boy oh boy, it contains a doozy.

First spotted by Arrowhead Report’s Joshua Brisco, and something that can clearly be seen over at the Chiefs’ official website, the ring features an outright dumb mistake. (RELATED: Miami Dolphins Scoop Up 6-Time Pro Bowler Calais Campbell: REPORT)

Inside the ring, a graphic shows the franchise’s run to their repeat Super Bowl championship, featuring the names and seeds of their opponents. Their whole point of doing this was to flex about them beating not just one, but two No. 1 seeds en route to the title. However, they actually undersold their run and disrespected my Miami Dolphins on top of that.

The ring has Miami as being the No. 7 seed, when in fact, we were actually No. 6. The seventh seed actually belonged to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played against the No. 2 Buffalo Bills in their opening-round postseason matchup.

And yes, literally every single Chiefs player (and staffer) given these rings had this mistake … yikes.

The ring itself isn’t that bad, I give the Chiefs that.

But I just don’t get how you make a mistake like that … like, it’s totally something that you would expect from a team that has Travis Kelce on it and embraces the Taylor Swift phenomenon, and let’s not forget the whole Brittany Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, etc., ignorant drama that’s spread throughout like jelly.

So I have to say, yes, the Chiefs are the franchise of ignorance — and here we go with them screwing up their friggin’ Super Bowl rings, wow.

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