Kanye West ‘Vultures’ livestream shut down at mention of ‘antisemite’

Kanye West hosted a livestream listening party for his unreleased album Vultures, but the live feed went dark shortly after the scandal-plagued rapper said he was an “anti-Semite.”

West, now known as Ye, sang “Vultures” live Thursday at Chicago’s United Center while wearing a Jason Voorhees mask, eventually landing on the song with the lyrics: And I’m still the king. ”

Streaming service Veeps, which broadcast the event, stopped its feed just one second after the controversial lyrics, according to a recording that circulated on social media.

Fans have speculated that Yeh may have broken some kind of agreement with Veeps that allowed the company to immediately shut down the livestream. TMZ first reported.

Representatives for Veeps did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The title song of “Vulture” also included the despicable lyric, “Why am I an anti-Semite?” I just had sex with a Jewish man. ”

In other texts, Ms. Yeh referred to herself as a member of the “canceled group” such as Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and Sean “Diddy” Combs, who have been accused of either rape or sex trafficking by multiple women. compared to famous people.

Livestream operator Veeps canceled Kanye West’s “Vulture” listening party after the singer openly sang about being an “anti-Semite.” Via WGN9

Elsewhere during the show, Ty Dolla $ign, KW and even Ye’s 10-year-old daughter North took to the stage to perform verses in front of a packed crowd, according to TMZ.

Prior to the event, Ye deleted his Instagram account and shared a photo of the number 1. This is likely a reference to the first volume of Vulture, which was previously announced to be available digitally on February 9th.

However, fans were furious because the album was only performed live and was nowhere to be found on Ye’s website or major streaming services.

One user wrote: “Being a Kanye fan is exhausting because where on TF is bald?” I wrote to X on friday.

“Kanye West lied to us,” says another. Said.

However, the American Jewish Committee is one of the prominent Jewish organizations that has taken issue with the anti-Semitic lyrics scattered throughout the album “Vultures”.

Richard Hershhout, a spokesperson for the American Jewish Committee, told TMZ that the song “fans the flames of anti-Semitism and spreads such bile to millions of believers, especially in the Jewish community.” “This cannot be tolerated at this difficult and dangerous time for all.”

Hirschhout accused the 46-year-old rapper of being an “unrepentant anti-Semite and an obvious misogynist,” given Ye’s history of public outbursts of anti-Semitism. , added that the lyrics are not surprising.

The line dates back to an apology Ye issued to fans via Instagram Story in December 2023, in which he promised to “work to make amends and foster unity” with his Jewish fanbase. .

“I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community for any unintended violence caused by my words and actions,” the letter, written in Hebrew, said.

Ye wore a Jason Voorhees mask during the “Vultures” listening party at Chicago’s United Center on Thursday. GC images

He claimed to be “learning from this experience to ensure greater sensitivity and understanding in the future,” and concluded, “Forgiveness is important to me.”

There was a strange remark afterwards. Ye was locked out of his Twitter account at the time. After posting in October 2022, “I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up I’m going to talk about the Jews in Descon 3.”

In the wake of this tweet, Adidas and Gap each ended their Yeezy partnerships with the controversial celebrity, resulting in him losing his billionaire status.

Ye, 46, is married to Bianca Censoli, 29, but friends and family have called her out for “intervention” amid rumors that the rapper is controlling her life. ” is said to have taken place. GC images

Despite the deal falling through, Mr. Ye later told Alex Jones in an interview on Infowars, “I like Hitler.”

“Every human being has something of value that they bring to the table, especially Hitler,” Ye said in a conversation with an alt-right radio show host.



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