Katt Williams Leaves Rogan Speechless After Linking Transgenderism To Occult Rituals, Hollywood Propaganda

Comedian Katt Williams left podcast host Joe Rogan speechless Thursday after he linked transgenderism to occult rituals and Hollywood propaganda.

Williams appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” to discuss hot topic cultural events and issues, which included Hollywood’s history of promoting propaganda within their films and television shows. (RELATED: Hollywood Spent Years Kowtowing To Beijing. Now, Their Movies Are Tanking)

“The propaganda in Hollywood movies is built into the ingredients list,” Rogan said. “It’s like if you want flour, you need wheat. You’re gonna have to get the wheat. And if you want to be able to make movies about certain subjects, you have to be willing to work with some people. That you know, ‘it’d be nice if you made it so that this is what we’re trying to accomplish, and this is showing the the negative side of this other society.’ And ‘this is our hero who’s going to do America’s bidding and go over there.’ And you’re like, ‘Okay.’ Those movies are successful and so they continue this relationship. You become a bit of a propaganda arm for the government and in turn, they don’t f*ck with you.”

“Right, but that’s what makes information so powerful is you don’t care how people feel about the ritual,” Williams responded. “It’s about, ‘does following the ritual work?’ And so you can fool yourself into thinking there isn’t one, but the evidence will be clear. So like when, I was like ‘all these guys are wearing dresses.’ Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, he keeps talking about people wearing dresses.’ It’s not like that. Look at it from a different way. Look at it – show me one person that ever wore a dress in Hollywood unsuccessfully. That’s how you understand what a ritual is.”

“So 20 years ago, I knew that transgenders was gonna be a thing. It wasn’t because I was a prophet It’s just that I had gotten so much information that I understood that things are circular. So I understood that the earliest I had seen that word transgender was Baphomet, the transgender,” Williams continued, referring to a pagan idol. “So I knew that in the ritual of Baphomet, the transgender, to show allegiance to him you had to kiss his ass ring.”

“Really?” Rogan responded.

“It said, both of those things. So I knew that both of those things will become popular in the future and that somehow, calling people the goat would be normalized over the sheep being always the most popular reference,” Williams continued.

“Goddamn, we got some good weed, Kat. Jesus Christ,” Rogan said after a brief pause.

“This must be the weed talk,” Williams joked back.

“I’m trying to figure out how to jump in on that,” Rogan continued before pausing once again.

Williams went viral in January after his appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast for reviving his belief that Hollywood wants to make Black entertainers wear dresses.

The comedian claimed actor Martin Lawrence tried to get him in his “first dress” in the 2011 film “Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son.” Williams said he turned the role down after realizing the situation and expressed his disappointment in Lawerence’s push.



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