Keith Hernandez Makes Awkward Sexual Reference While Describing Hitting

If Keith Hernandez made a YouTube video explaining hitting, parental controls would probably apply.

As Blue Jays slugger Alejandro Kirk took to the plate against Mets starter Justin Verlander on Friday, Mets color analyst Hernandez explained his approach to hitting. kind of thing.

“You want to be upright all the time when you make contact,” Hernandez said.

It sucked, but Hernandez apparently didn’t think the explanation was descriptive enough. Because he felt the need to paint for his audience.

“Like a telephone pole!” Hernandez yelled.

I mean, he’s not wrong. Players must be upright when making contact. what’s wrong with that? Apparently, the Mets hitters didn’t give up their sanity on Friday night after losing 3-0 and keeping a clean sheet.

But no one should feel sad or ashamed of it. It happens to every player at some point. The good news is that when they face the Jays again on Saturday afternoon, they will have a chance to see if the Mets did anything to improve their performance.

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