Keith Olbermann Blasted for Crass Comment About Grandmothers, Calling World Baseball Classic ‘Meaningless’

Keith Olbermann is usually written as causing a stir with his insane political views. However, this time it caused a stir with a sports take.

Olbermann, a disgruntled weirdo who makes spooky videos in his Manhattan apartment because he was fired from every network stupid enough to hire him, inflicted injuries on Puerto Rican team’s Edwin Diaz on Wednesday night. The second major injury for a Major League Baseball player at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) drew the ire of baseball fans on Thursday after lamenting the 2nd major injury. Well, he didn’t cause a ruckus by lamenting his injury. Rather, he made a fuss by calling the WBC “meaningless”.

Not only that, Olbermann made a vulgar joke about the player’s grandmother.

“First Freddie Freeman, now Edwin Diaz,” he tweeted. “The WBC is an exhibition series that makes no sense. It forces you to buy another uniform, drive the real season to hell, and split your teammates based on where your grandmother slept.

“Stop. Now.”

Olbermann’s remarks were not well received.

Ultimately, Olberman was called out by The Wall Journal’s baseball reporter Lindy Adler for a crude sarcasm.

Olbermann said, “Okay, that’s sexist and I apologize for that. Make it ‘where their ancestors were placed.'” A candid explanation about the artificiality of team assignments is also trivial, and I apologize for that. But the WBC has always been a threat to a season that actually matters… kill it. “

It’s unclear why Olbermann can’t simply criticize an international competition that puts professional stars in the same danger as ordinary people. Why does he have to insert vulgar comments about his grandmother?

Again, why does he do any of the things he does?

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