Kendall Jenner Settles Lawsuit Against Her Tequila Brand

Kendall Jenner settled a lawsuit with Tequila 12 after the company claimed her Tequila 818 brand blatantly ripped off their name, the color and layout of their alcohol labels.

Tequila 512 boasts the area code of their origin, Austin, Texas. Jenner’s 818 brand is a reference to her local area code in the San Fernando Valley, TMZ reported Thursday. Both parties have settled on an agreement that will see changes made to the advertising style of both companies. They will each continue operations without interruption.

The representatives from Tequila 818 also claimed that Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian, appeared on her “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” app holding up a bottle of their tequila in an ad that was promoting Jenner’s 818 alcohol brand, according to TMZ.

Nick Matzorkis, the CEO of Tequila 512, released a statement shortly after the legal matter was agreed upon and settled by both parties.

“The parties have agreed that they will each have the right to use their existing names and they will both make changes to their labels to clarify that they are not related to each other,” he said, according to TMZ. “Tequila 512 has dismissed its case.”(RELATED: Lenny Kravitz Shares The Story Behind His Unique Alcohol Brand, Nocheluna Sotol)

Tequila 512 will be adding the words “Est. 2012” to their label, as part of their agreed upon changes, according to TMZ. The adjustments that need to be made by 818 have not yet been publicly declared, according to TMZ.

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