Kim Kardashian relaunches beauty brand with Skkn by Kim makeup

Kim Kardashian has gotten her skin (ahem, Skkn) up in the beauty game again.

More than two years after closing KKW Beauty in August 2021, the reality star re-entered the makeup industry on Friday and Skkn by Kim Makeup.

A label that was launched with the following in mind. classic matte eyeshadow palette ($50) and two pout products — soft matte lip color ($32) and lip liner ($22) — A shade reminiscent of KKW Beauty's cult-favorite lipstick.

“I think you always have to be very true to yourself, and I always, always wanted something neutral,” the star said. told Bustleshe noted, “I'll never be the one who has all the bright stuff, like red lips and purple eyeshadow.”

In addition to adopting a pared-back palette, the actress has also chosen to go a little less flashy these days, telling the publication that she doesn't get professional make-up done “as much anymore.” Ta.

This line includes lipsticks and lip liners. SKKN by Kim

SKKN by Kim

Skkn by Kim Soft Matte Lip Color

“That's definitely changed over the last few years,” she says, adding, “I really enjoy doing makeup and I'm probably brighter than I've ever been. But I do work a lot.”

The reality star-turned-mogul's schedule is certainly jam-packed with projects, and this latest makeup drop is for her Skims brand's much-talked-about Valentine's Day lingerie campaign, which she spearheaded starring Lana Del Rey. This follows the launch of loungewear.

In the years since KKW Beauty closed, she's also branched out into skin care. Skkn cleansers, serums, etc..

Skkn by Kim Classic Eyeshadow Palette
SKKN by Kim

Skkn by Kim Classic Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Skkn by Kim lip liner
SKKN by Kim

Skkn by Kim Lip Liner

“I feel like my vision is finally coming true,” she tells Bustle. “When I launched with the name Her Skkn by Kim, I think people were like, “What? Oh, it's just skin care. But we always knew that we were working on every product. ”

As for whether her children might one day inherit that empire? “I want them to be involved, but I want them to do whatever makes them happy.” The star also admitted that she once had second thoughts about letting her daughter North West try certain beauty products.

“When I look back, I remember that I only let my daughter wear red lipstick once, for Christmas,” she said. “Shall we do it now? Probably not.”



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