KOOPMAN: The GOP Establishment Is Doing Its Best To Lose A Winnable Senate Race

If you pit a fat cat with a frowning face against a smiling, beer-drinking fat rancher, the fat rancher will win every time.

The always very wise establishment faction of the national Republican Party has produced a perfect candidate who is completely ignorant. How to defeat Senator Tester? No. To defeat himself and give him two more years of Democratic control of the US Senate? Yes!

For Mitch McConnell and his loyal Montana moderates, Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke, “perfect” means a clean slate drawn to the power and prestige of the administration that does not interfere with constitutional fidelity or conservative principles. means a candidate. Following the Republican leadership into a deplorable morass of corruption and compromise.

There's no question that Tim Sheehy is primed for this moment.The huge government contract he received made him a member of the nation. richest candidate. Never mind that his background lacks political activity, or that free market principles and conservative beliefs would disapprove of putting him in the money belt.

Even now, the Montanan's love affair with the veteran is starting to look like a one-night stand. Sure, we're all intuitively drawn to Sheehy's campaign spots that emphasize his battle medals and his tough-guy face. Those images already flood our television screens, but their effect is fading. Voters said, “It's great that you were a Navy SEAL.'' “Thank you. Now, what else do you have?

Sheehy: “What else?” Oh. Well, I have a big house in Bozeman, an $8 million resort home in Big Sky, a $10 million private playground on Flathead Lake, a 30,000-acre consolidated ranch in Martinsdale, worth over $500 million thanks to the merger. I have a company withwith cayman islands He is a tax evader with an annual income of $5 million. Is that enough? “

People: “Okay…but what do you believe?”

Sheehy: “What do I believe? Oh. Wait a minute… Hey, Daines! Remind me again. What do I believe?”

In fact, Tim Sheehy's business dealings at Bridger Aerospace make it very clear what he believes. And for conservatives in Montana, that doesn't paint a very good picture.

(1) He believes that Corporate welfare When it benefits him, including a $774,000 “forgivable loan” grant and $221,000 in federal contributions to train employees. These taxpayer subsidies help his company, which already generates huge profits ( 96 percent A portion of the proceeds from government contracts) went directly to Sheehy's profits.

(2) He believes in far-left business policies and has promoted Bridger Aerospace to liberal investors as “fundamentally.'' ESG-driven” and secured the largest ESG-certified sustainability bond in history at $160 million. He removed all references to ESG from his company's website after his Senate announcement.

(3) He believes in radical climate change policies and claims his company is “on the front lines of the fight against climate change.” climate change” and that its “fundamental business principles are environmental and social sustainability.” This too has all been removed from Bridger's website.

(4) He believes in a woke worldview of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”His 2023 federal government SEC filing Diversity and inclusion statements are readily available from Disney, Target, and Starbucks, openly bowing down to the victim mentality of the far left.

Sheehy is a pseudo-conservative, united by the Republican establishment and its corporate special interests, all hell-bent on keeping conservative champion Rep. Matt Rosendale out of the race. ing. Millions of dollars have already been poured into the effort.

If they were successful and Sheehy became the nominee, they would have done the Democratic Party a huge favor. baggage, Jon Tester has little chance of winning. (Compare their current TV ads and it's clear why.) But whether Tester wins or Sheehy wins, America loses either way.

Conversely, if we elect Matt Rosendale, a courageous conservative change-maker, he could go down in history as the most capable and liberal-minded senator Montana has ever sent to Washington. There is.

Roger Koopman served two terms in the Montana State Legislature from Bozeman and served two terms on the Montana Public Service Commission. He also owned and operated a small business in Bozeman for 37 years and served as press secretary for Representatives Steve Sims of Idaho and Ron Paul of Texas.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.



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