Kyle Shanahan is the Minnesota Vikings of NFL coaches

Kyle Shanahan is a (regular season) genius. Kyle Shanahan is revolutionizing the NFL (regular season). Kyle Shanahan is the (regular season) winner. After his loss to the 49ers in Super Bowl XV, it’s only natural to add a bracket to his resume.

Sunday was the sixth time in his career that Shanahan lost a postseason game as a coordinator or head coach, and most notably his third Super Bowl. He has now coached the 49ers twice and was the offensive coordinator during the Falcons’ infamous 28-3 loss to the Patriots. Like it or not, this is a pattern that continues to emerge in the biggest games of his career, and it’s not a coincidence.

The common DNA of Shanahan’s failures is the team’s tendency to lose its identity as a football team. In the Super Bowl, a strange decision was made to skew the run-pass balance to give Brock Purdy more opportunities to throw, which had a domino effect on the rest of the team. Sure, there’s logic here that the Chiefs clearly went for the run and cut off McCaffrey’s chance to run up the gut, but if you intentionally take your best player out of the offense, you’re going to have to wait and see if the block comes. It would be better to have a play that goes beyond “Let’s try it.” You can wing it. ”

The third quarter was a perfect example of that. The score was 10-3. It’s clear this is a defensive game and they have an advantage on the boards against the Chiefs.this is that’s right Where this game was expected to be. If someone came to you three days ago and told you this scenario, you would be overjoyed. You have a better run game, you have a better clock. Field position points are valuable.

Let’s take a look at the 49ers’ play-calling decisions from this moment onwards for the next three drives.

drive 1

  • Brock Purdy unfinished
  • false start
  • Brock Purdy unfinished
  • block purdy scramble
  • punt

drive 2

  • Brock Purdy completes with -8 yards.
  • Brock Purdy completes 7 yards.
  • Brock Purdy unfinished
  • punt

drive 3

  • Christian McCaffrey runs without profit
  • Brock Purdy unfinished
  • Brock Purdy unfinished
  • punt

This decision made absolutely no sense.I felt like someone was playing with me. madden And I’m more about winning Super Bowl MVP for my favorite player than I am about play-calling in a game. actual Super Bowl. Shanahan was slamming a square peg into a round hole over and over again, confused as to why it wasn’t working. It was as if the coach desperately wanted to make a case against Brock Purdy, wanted to prove he was an elite quarterback who could win with his arm, and damn it, he was trying to express that.

There is no need to litigate Purdy’s competency. At this stage I’m tired and bored. What we can say with confidence is that much of the 49ers’ offensive passing ability this season is due to McCaffrey’s ever-present threat of hitting home runs. Combining this with pre-snap motion makes defenses very difficult, but when defenses no longer have to respect the run, they fall apart.

These three key drives set the tone for the second half, resulting in a total of 3 yards on planned passes (8 attempts) and 0 yards on planned runs (1 attempt). In total, it took just 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

This season, the 49ers ran the ball 499 times and passed the ball 491 times. They knew it all boiled down to establishing runs and dominating the ground game. In the Super Bowl, Purdy completed 38 passes while McCaffrey only made 22 running attempts, all without success.

Here’s an alternate timeline where the 49ers ran the ball with McCaffrey on a critical third-down drive. Even if it didn’t lead to a goal, the meal clock would have been very important to the development of this game. If the 49ers manage One First, start each of these drives and extend their run clocks so that the total clock is 10 minutes instead of less than 4 hours. We now have a scenario where a San Francisco touchdown closes the door and ends the game. The Chiefs are back in a big way.

As much as the Vikings are a great team, Kyle Shanahan is still a great coach. They’ll win in the regular season, but they’ll fall apart when it comes to the big games. It will happen again and again and again. Is there an answer to this? Honestly, I don’t know, and neither does Shanahan. He’s just claiming that teams tend to overcompensate when they have their numbers defensively and end up being too cute. Things like this will continue to happen until he trusts his system to work when the game matters most.

There will definitely be next year.

Winner: Chiefs (obviously)

I don’t know what more to say about this team. Patrick Mahomes might be right. This is just the beginning of a dynasty.

One of the questions leading up to the Super Bowl was whether there would ever be a moment when Andy Reid decided to stop playing, but it’s probably still too early to talk about that. Travis Kelce wants to keep playing. But the Chiefs’ story is much bigger than those two.

We have witnessed organizations that were able to complete a complete 180 and transform themselves in one year. The Chiefs found themselves vulnerable to even winning a Super Bowl in 2023. This team struggled defensively, and offensively they struggled to find the impact players they needed on the market and within the cap.

The fact that Kansas City matched the 49ers defensively and beat them at their own game is a testament to the core this team has built. Chris Jones is the best defensive tackle in the NFL, Trent McDuffie is one of the best corners in the league, and there is a pipeline of strong, developing players ready to take the reins.

If this team can find just two receivers, it gives us a very real mid-2010s Patriots feel when it comes to dominance. This team is able to adapt to the league and make the right decisions with every personnel change. At the moment, it is impossible to bet against them.

Loser: Tem

I never want to see Temu ads again.

Winner: Asher

To be honest, I had absolutely no expectations for the Super Bowl halftime show. It’s not that I inherently dislike Usher or his music. In fact, I thought it would be average at best. What we got was pure brilliance throughout the performance.

Great guests, great cameos, roller skating…it had it all. I’ve been waiting so long for the dreaded halftime show that I’m worried about what will happen in 2025.

Winner: Taylor Swift

Tay Tay flew halfway around the world to meet his girlfriend at the Super Bowl so she could watch him win. She would sometimes party all night. This is a solid return on a large investment of time and travel.



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