Kylie Jenner Is Either Trying To Piss People Off With This Outfit, Or She’s Just Plain Weird

Kylie Jenner missed the mark by wearing a faux lion head over her shoulder during Paris Fashion Week, and now she’s facing a plethora of backlash on social media.

Instead of putting her famous curves on display in a fashion-forward outfit, Jenner draped a fake lion head over her classic black dress. She posted the images from the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Show on Monday. Jenner is either trying to garner more attention on her Instagram page by pissing people off, or she’s just plain weird and totally unable to read the room. Paris Fashion Week features a collection of bold designs by some of the top fashion leaders in the world, but Jenner is not one of them, and it’s time for her to tone down her statement piece.

Jenner seemed proud of her fashion choice and expressed her excitement about the look in her Instagram caption. “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. thank you [Daniel Roseberry] and [Schiaparelli] for such a special morning. wow I loved wearing this faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials. beautiful beautiful,” she wrote.

In spite of her saying the horrid outfit was “faux art creation” that had been “constructed by hand,” Instagram users blasted Jenner for promoting “cruel,” “disgusting” and “twisted” imagery of a dead animal in this manner.

A quick scroll through Jenner’s comments depicts the outrage over her fashion statement.

There’s nothing “right” about wearing a massive lion head as part of an outfit. This isn’t fashion, it’s a bad costume — and Halloween isn’t in January. Someone on Jenner’s team should have cautioned her about what a bad move this would be. Instead, the internet is now setting her straight.

“Even though it’s not real it’s still disturbing and in bad taste,” one user wrote in the comments, while another said, “I’m all for people pushing the boundaries of fashion and making a statement … But I don’t think this is giving what you think it is.” (RELATED: Kylie Jenner Steps Out Braless In White Pant Suit, But It’s Her Bizarre Purse That Has Everyone Talking)

Another critical user weighed in, wondering how many people apparently failed to stop this disaster from happening. “So disappointing to see this. After all the consultations, fittings and meetings she would’ve had before this event … not one person in your circle thought that this would be a bad idea???”

“Animals are not fashion accessories. Kylie I love your style but this is wrong, this promotes animal cruelty. It is a terrible fashion mistake! Please stop!” one user wrote.

“Real or not I think this perpetuates the acceptance of wearing animals as trophies which is so wrong. I’m so disappointed to see this,” another said.

“Literally the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen,” another Instagram follower wrote.

If attention is what Jenner wanted, she got it … but making headlines for this is probably not in the reality television star’s best interest.

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