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L.A. City Council Votes Unanimously to Replace Natural Gas with Unproven Hydrogen Power

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted Wednesday to convert natural gas power plants to new hydrogen systems. Critics say it can’t provide enough power and cause more environmental damage.

The proposal is part of the “Green New Deal” adopted by former Mayor Eric Garcetti to shut down three natural gas plants in favor of “renewable” energy, with solar and wind power out of the question. enough, overcoming objections that the move would cost thousands of dollars. of union work.

Garcetti stuck to his plan even after the state suffered a power shortage in 2020 and after the Democrats lost a local special election in which the plan was a key issue.

city ​​council voted According to, to take the first step to implement Garcetti’s plan. los angeles times:

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted Wednesday to proceed with an $800 million plan to convert the city’s largest gas-fired power plant to green hydrogen. It can solve the climate crisis, but it has been denounced by critics as a greenwashing boondoggle that harms vulnerable communities.

The city’s ultimate goal is to burn 100% green hydrogen, [Department of Water and Power] Officials admit the technology may not be ready anytime soon. That means the initial fuel mixture at Scattergood may contain more global warming natural gas than hydrogen.

In public comments before the vote, critics from groups such as Community for a Better Environment, Pacoima Beautiful, and the Sierra Club said that burning hydrogen would not produce global warming carbon emissions, but would cause lung-damaging nitrogen oxidation. He pointed out that it causes pollution. far than gas, at least with current technology.

The city’s goal is to produce 100% “clean” electricity by 2035. This is an even more aggressive goal than the state’s goal of being 100% renewable by 2045, but a recent state analysis suggests it has no plans to reach it.

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