L.A. Prepares for ‘Toilet-to-Tap’; Will Recycle 60% of Wastewater

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Local water officials are preparing to deploy new “toilet-to-water” technology that could allow 60% of Los Angeles’ wastewater to be recycled rather than flushed into the ocean by 2032. I am.

Three years ago, Breitbart News visited a “demonstration” project at what is now known as the AK Warren Water Resources Facility, where most of Los Angeles County’s wastewater is treated.

At the time, innovations in reverse osmosis technology made it possible to purify wastewater to a higher quality than regular drinking water.

This reporter wrote at the time:

Southern California’s Metropolitan Water District has partnered with the Sanitation District on a new project to test the feasibility of treating and reusing much of the county’s water that is currently discharged into the ocean.

I was the first reporter allowed to tour a new demonstration project called the Advanced Purification Center. Once operational, the project could create a full-scale recycled water plant that will purify up to 150 million of the 250 million gallons per day.flows through [facility].

Construction of the test facility began in 2017 and is expected to be completed in late 2019. The facility will purify approximately 500,000 gallons of water. [the facility] per day using a special process that first uses microorganisms to remove ammonia and other nitrogen compounds from the water. Advanced filters are then used to remove microorganisms and solids. Finally, similar to desalination plants, RO membranes are used to purify the water.

This process is cheaper and consumes less energy than desalination. Although the treated water is too salty to use immediately, it is only about one-tenth as salty as seawater.

However, regulations were not yet in place and public resistance had to be overcome.

Last year, California regulators gave the go-ahead for “Toilet to Water.” Plans are currently underway for a major expansion of the “demonstration” project to run parallel to the Warren facility in Carson, just north of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The purified water is pumped back to the north and east, where local water authorities can divert it to recharge ponds that infiltrate aquifers or flow it into regular water systems for domestic and industrial use. be able to.

Steve Klei, an engineer at the Warren facility, told Breitbart News that the facility is currently going through an environmental approval process that begins with the preparation of an environmental impact report (EIR) that describes the potential impacts. .

By 2028-2029, the facility will be operational and capable of processing 30 million gallons per day. And by 2032, that amount could reach 150 million gallons per day. Klei noted that the “toilet-to-water” label had been a burden in the past. It was first used by activists opposed to the idea when it was first proposed in San Diego decades ago.

But Angelenos seem to have shed some concerns about the idea, especially after two severe droughts in the past decade highlighted the need for new water sources in the region.

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