Late Cash App founder Bob Lee’s family pleads for donations, says assets are being held as ‘evidence’

Relatives of the slain Cash App founder and tech mogul Bob Lee have called for donations to cover legal costs, claiming the billionaire’s assets were kept as evidence.

Lee, 43, was viciously stabbed and bled on the streets of San Francisco in the early hours of April 4. The suspect, Nima Momeni, was arrested days later and she remains in custody.

On May 17, Lee’s brother, Timothy “Oliver” Lee, set up a GoFundMe page to solicit public donations to pay the family’s legal costs and care for the tech mogul’s two children. .

“Unfortunately, Bob’s sudden death leaves his assets, along with the evidence, flowing through the Florida probate system,” Oliver claimed.

As of Friday afternoon, the fund had raised only $8,085 of its $50,000 goal.

Bob Lee was stabbed to death on April 4.
bob lee/facebook

Lee also survived a father and ex-wife who moved to Miami shortly before his death. There is no record of probate filings in his name in Miami-Dade’s online court system.

“All funds raised will supplement the memorial costs already donated by generous friends, as well as legal fees to support his trial. [alleged] The responsibility of the killer, living expenses for the immediate family to move Bob’s estate through probate, and moving costs for the father who lived with Bob,” Oliver wrote on the fundraising page.

Nima Momeni being photographed in court
Nima Momeni has pleaded not guilty to Lee’s murder.

“Additional funds will go towards scholarships for Bob’s children and his niece.”

The family’s appeal for financial help came after reports the man from the Midwest had a violent partying life, including alcohol, drugs and sexual escapism.

Lee was allegedly ingested with ketamine and cocaine at the time of his death and had slept with Momeni’s sister, Hazar Eliasnia, who is married to a prominent plastic surgeon.

Photo by Timothy Oliver Lee
Lee’s brother, Timothy Oliver Lee, started GoFundMe earlier this month.
Facebook / Timothy Oliver Lee

Prosecutors allege Momeni, 38, stabbed Lee during an argument about his relationship with the Khazarian president.

Earlier this week, new court documents revealed a series of surveillance images showing Lee and Momeni moving out of Eliasnia’s posh apartment together just before the bloody incident.

Earlier court filings reported that Eliasnia sent text messages around Lee’s death.

Khazar Eliasnia in the center of the photo
Mr. Momeni’s sister, Hazar Eliasnia, reportedly slept with Mr. Lee.
Getty Images

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay because I know Nima has treated you badly,” she wrote.

“And thank you for treating me well in class. I love you, you selfish bastards.”

Born less than a year apart, Momeni and Eliasnia immigrated from Iran to the United States with their mother in the late 1990s. Those who knew the brothers when they were teenagers in the East Bay said they got along very well.

Surveillance cameras showed Lee and Momeni together in an elevator.
Surveillance camera pictures showed Lee and Momeni together just before they were stabbed to death.
Court documents via NBC/Twitter

“[Nima] I would do anything for that [Khazar] And she would do anything for him,” one former friend told Mission Local.

Some of Momeni’s acquaintances said the aspiring tech guru struggled with drug addiction and had a violent personality.

“this is, [we’d say]”Nima, you’re cool, we love you, but you don’t make complete sentences,” they admitted.

Lee is pictured with his ex-wife and two children.
Lee is survived by an ex-wife, two daughters, a father and a brother.

Workers were photographed cleaning up the area near the sidewalk where Lee was stabbed.
Lee bled on the street after being stabbed in downtown San Francisco.
David G. McIntyre

After several delays, Momeni pleaded not guilty to Lee’s murder on May 18. He was supported in court by Eliasnia and his attorney Paula Canney.

During the proceedings, Canney claimed video evidence of the prosecution’s confrontation was “illegible” and lashed out at allegations that her client stabbed Lee with a knife and then walked away.

“If people want to kill people, why would the perpetrators allow the people they were trying to kill to leave? They didn’t,” she wrote in her bail motion.

Canney told the Post that the evidence “indicated that there was no romantic relationship between Bob Lee and Nima’s sister.”

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