Latina Republican rep. fires back at Democrat blaming her gun pin for Nashville school shooting: ‘Beta energy rhetoric’

Florida Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna hit back at Democrats who accused her of wearing a pistol to Congress during a tragic school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, on MSNBC, blamed Republicans for the alleged shooting of a transgender woman who was a student at a Christian school.

“Now in Congress, it’s pathetic. It’s hard for me right now to serve with some of the people I have to serve,” Cohen said.

“So they are part of the danger,” he added. “It’s just that they’re gun-obsessed and hopeless.”

He also repeated the leftist narrative that Republicans like Luna only support gun rights for political contributions from the National Rifle Association.

Luna responded on Tuesday in a statement posted on her official social media accounts.

“I feel pretty sick that you’re trying to imply that I caused this,” read statement From Luna.

“I survived an armed robbery, a home invasion, a mass shooting on campus, and my husband was shot. It is this rhetoric of beta energy that contributes to the senseless politicization and celebrity status of the shooter.” she added.

“For your own sake, stay away from the camera for a moment,” she concluded.

Three children and three teachers were killed in a Nashville school shooting. Police officers responded quickly and were able to shoot the perpetrator dead at the school. The attacker was later identified as a 28-year-old transgender-identified woman.

In February, Luna gave the Washington Post a series of scathing rebuttals to allegations that she had fabricated the events of her life. bottom.

‘The left hates conservative minorities,’ she said Conclusion at the time.

Here are the details of the Nashville shootings:

Glenn’s Powerful Nashville Tragedy Message: Here’s the

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