LAURA INGRAHAM: Is it a White House or a nursing home?

FOX News’ Laura Ingraham talks about the issues in the 2024 presidential election on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Laura Ingraham: Of course, if a powerful president is elected, voters will be left in the dark. As America continues to watch this boot-licking clown in the White House, Tony Blinken’s Since I’m spending a lot of time in Beijing, I think I should have my mail forwarded to Beijing at this point.At least for the rest of the time Biden takes office, he plans to return to Beijing later this year. Voters may believe that the current dynamics, that this White House is functioning as a retirement home, that it starts and ends with Biden, right? Well, that would be a wrong assumption.

President Biden ends abusive Vietnam reporter with candid words: “I’m going to sleep.”

Remember, the establishment, and of course the big donors eager to do business with China, are perfectly content with what amounts to a kind of hologram president who does exactly what he’s told. The Angle predicts that if Kamala Harris were to become president, she would become as famous as Biden. At the end of the day, if it’s a question of whether Joe or Kamala is less capable of doing the job of president, I believe it’s a tie.


A sizable portion of Democratic voters are angrier and less enthusiastic about policy, according to the latest CBS/YouGov poll. ticket harris. Hmm. So Americans will have to make tough choices next year. Vote for Republicans who can actually make important decisions, who can address the serious challenges we face in China, and who can speak out clearly in times of crisis. Or vote for the status quo. A man who doesn’t make decisions, does what he’s told, and always leaves his enemies with an opening to do great harm. It should be an easy choice.

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