LAUSD Plans Weeklong Celebration of National Coming Out Day

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will celebrate National Coming Out Day over a week in October.

according to city ​​journalteachers across the district shared a document called the “Week of Action Toolkit – Beginners,” which outlined how LAUSD would essentially treat October as a second LGBTQ Pride Month.

Parents who protect education I got it:

This document provides elementary school teachers with an “identity map” to use when teaching young children this week. This identity map focuses on student identities, including ‘race’, ‘ethnicity’, ‘gender identity’, ‘religion’, ‘sexuality’ and ‘mental health’. The purpose of the identity map is to teach students about intersectionality.

“Teachers will have students use the identity map to create their own images, and these images will be shared with the school district. The document also includes a discussion of prominent transgender figures with students on each day of the week. “It’s happening,” he added.

Celebrities who discuss transgenderism are Elliot Page and Jazz Jennings.

The students also invited to sign We pledge to “use kind words when speaking about all teachers, staff, classmates, and their families, even those who are different from us.”

“When it is safe to do so, act for others and be an upstander. Otherwise, you will seek help from an adult,” the document says. “Encourage and teach others to become allies.”

The document also links to a Human Rights Campaign guidance book that advises on appropriate LGBTQ language for elementary school students.

“When children ask questions about LGBTQ language, it may be best to provide simple, direct answers,” the document says. “You can also answer the student’s question with another question to understand what they’re really asking. Is it about the name?” on the phone, the father of two of my classmates, or something I saw on the Internet Is it? Listening first makes it easier to respond. ”

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