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LAX traveler rips Delta, Pete Buttigieg in wild caught-on-camera tirade — before realizing she’s in wrong terminal

A very confused airline passenger was caught on camera losing her cool as Los Angeles airport staff hurled abuse at her, but later admitted she was in the wrong terminal and with the wrong people all along. It turned out that he had been yelling at him.

In startling footage, a woman was filmed throwing bombs and an almost incoherent list of demands at a line of employees after apparently missing her Delta flight. Photographed by TMZ.

“Please let me get on the next flight, Mom!” she yelled, running around the check-in desk with her bag and neck pillow.

“Wake me up on the next flight!” Then she screamed.

The woman apparently had been drinking and missed her flight, and wanted to reschedule.

“Call Pete Buttigieg right now! Call that mother right now!” she declared, apparently hoping the nation’s transportation secretary would step in and save her. is.

“You useless mother,” she added breathlessly, insisting that she was prepared to summon him herself.

“Wake me up on the next flight, and I’ll pay for it.”

At the end of the heated exchange, the woman realized she was in the wrong terminal and burst into laughter. TMZ
Mayor Pete was involved in the incident and the woman demanded he be called to rectify the situation. Getty Images

As she paced around the check-in, she punctuated her requests with a fist on the counter, but it seemed all she could do was make the staff laugh and passersby stare at the scene.

In the end, someone was actually advising her that she was not advising her intended target, an employee of Delta Air Lines, but instead of pouring fire into the ears of an employee of WestJet, a Canadian airline. I told him that I was there.

“Isn’t it Delta?” she said with a big smile on her face and stumbled backwards, giggling to herself as the desk started laughing as well.

It is unclear whether they laughed with her or at her.

It also remains unclear whether she found Delta, or what happened to Delta if she did.