LeBron Is Looking For Gargantuan Contract From Lakers That Sees Him Being Paid A Whopping $60 Million Per Year: REPORT

LeBron wants $60 million at 42 years old… too much ego?

The self-proclaimed king knows his retirement is fast approaching, and he wants to cash in one last time, like I’m about to do this week, before Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) leaves Florida. It seems like he is thinking about it. (I’ll miss you, sigh)

Most recently, LBJ was asked about his future plans and said he wants to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers, but doesn’t know exactly what will happen.

“I’m a Laker. I’ve been happy being a Laker for the past six years and I hope it continues to be that way,” James said. “I can’t give any answers as to how long it will be or what uniform he’ll wear, but I hope he’s with the Lakers.”

Well, we now have some insight into what exactly LeBron is looking for. It’s money. That’s a lot.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that the self-proclaimed royal is seeking a multi-year deal and believes it could be worth more than nine figures.

“I don’t think this is LeBron’s last stand. I don’t think this is the Lakers’ last stand,” Windhorst said during First Take. fade away world. “First of all, I think LeBron is going to sign a nine-figure, multi-year contract with the Lakers in the offseason. It’s going to be even bigger than the contract he has now. (Related: 66% of Super Bowl bets were illegal (aka the Mafia is still alive)

Now, whether he can complete that deal and whether the Lakers want to sign him to a three-year deal and pay him $60 million when he turns 42 is another discussion. ”

And how do Lakers fans feel about this?

Your ego is showing, LeBron.