Left-Wing BuzzFeed Stock Hits 69 Cents; NASDAQ Threatens Removal

Corporate media collapse unfolds with glowing news that left-wing Buzzfeed shares have fallen $1 or lessand the Nasdaq threatened to remove it.

“[Far-left] BuzzFeed received a “delisting notice” from Nasdaq Stock Market LLC on May 31. ” According to Yahoo News“Warning that: [fake news outlet] face[s] Failure to meet the minimum requirement of $1.00 per share for 30 consecutive business days will result in delisting. “

If BuzzFeed’s stock doesn’t sell above $1 by November 27, or 180, BuzzFeed will say goodbye to its much-needed NASDAQ listing.

Buy it for $1!

You can buy two for $1 soon!

buzzfeed is bleeding money. Losses in the fourth quarter amounted to $106.2 million. Losses in the first quarter amounted to $36.3 million, forcing the Left to shut down its entire news division in April.

And now the stock price is 69 cents.


It has crashed from $9.62 just two years ago.


Learn to code, you godless liars.

Why not take a look at the scenery?

CNNLOL’s prime time viewership is currently below 500,000.


Ilya Nouverge/Getty Images

of washington post It is in “severe financial difficulty”.


The Washington Post building with an inset of Jeff Bezos (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, edited by BNN)

Fox News is finally paying the price for betrayal to viewers it took for granted for a decade.


Tucker Carlson, former FOX News (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Go do something useful, you ignorant smug … dig some coal and power a big screen TV so you can watch it red dawn-It’s not a lame remake, it’s the original.

You know, I used to feel sick when a “journalist” lost his job… OK, that’s not true. What I used to do was play I feel sick. But the pretend is over. The truth is this…if you gave these people a red button cursing all Trump supporters with stomach cancer, they would rush to find out who would enjoy the “honor” to press play Days before the corporate media denounced Antifa and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists… days when I pretended to be me, the corporate media used the fig leaf of tolerance to consent to sexual perversions and deviations This was before targeting young kids who couldn’t… gays and porn, drag queens, transsexuals, transvestites.

Non-evil people in the media make evil possible. I wish no one physical harm, but I hope they lose their jobs, followed by soul-searching, followed by wisdom, maturity, and decency.

Listen, we know that the collapse of fake media is not happening fast enough for many of you, and indeed many including you. I have hated the media for over 30 years. But it’s happening. A collapse is happening.

With the death of cable TV, perhaps within the next decade, the cancer of cable news will finally be eliminated.

And while we can never rule out mediums like the Nazis, new york timesthose propaganda vehicles have already lost what matters most to them: the ability to influence public opinion.

Out of sheer hatred for us, these news outlets lost us forever in the Trump era. This was suicidal. why? Because if their only remaining clientele is the far left and if the only remaining clientele is the Awakening Gestapo, you have to hold on to the Awakening Gestapo to survive, so you are the one with national influence. Because it is cooked as To hold on to an awakened Gestapo, you must constantly tell them what they want to hear. What they want to hear is that it’s okay to kill Trump supporters and have sex with children.

It took BuzzFeed News a decade to face reality.What was a total failure from day one [insert my toldyaso] Only one thing kept it going for ten years. It is a very expensive and ultimately humiliating affirmative action program.

BuzzFeed New York Office (@letidmiranda/Twitter)

Oh, Breitbart News is hiring.

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