Leftist professors flee state thanks to DeSantis’ war on woke: ‘Good riddance’

Liberal publications decrying the exodus of left-wing academics from the Sunshine State inadvertently highlight how Gov. Ron DeSantis is making good on his promise that “Florida is a place where woke people die.” .

The New York Times reported on Monday that the nation
Stopped During September, grieving The apparent reconquest of the academy by Americans intent on educational institutions rather than indoctrination.

“Giving up his coveted tenure, many blame Governor DeSantis and his efforts to reshape the higher education system to align with conservative principles,” the Times said. wrote Stephanie Saul, education reporter for .

As one of its educational accomplishments, Florida under DeSantis has resisted identitarian propaganda. University DEI programs, historical revisionist. Men in women’s sports. LGBT agitprop from K to his third grade.and discrimination In public institutions, it is based on race, color, sex, and national origin.

Mr. DeSantis also began the year by appointing six people to New College of Florida’s 13-member Board of Trustees. Former Republican House Speaker and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, appointed by DeSantis, will replace former university president Patricia Ocker on the board, which now includes Manhattan Institute Fellow Christopher Rufo. did.
discontinued Gender studies programs in schools.and revealed After that, you will be granted tenure.

Regarding the university’s past direction and ongoing renovation, DeSantis said, “its mission has been more about DEI, CRT, and gender ideology than what a liberal arts education should be.” .
report Sarasota Herald Tribune.

The Times cited “liberal-leaning” economist and tax lawyer Neil Buchanan as one of the academics who recently left Florida.

I have written In a recent blog post, he said, “The Florida Republican Party’s increasingly blatant hostility toward professors and higher education in general was as close to a necessary cause for my decision as one could imagine.”

The economist acknowledged that his resignation was a small victory for the state’s conservatives, writing, “It’s fair to describe my situation as an ‘others won’ situation.”

follow up “Some battles, at least for now, simply cannot be won,” Buchanan said in a blog post, again criticizing Republican success in the state.

The Times, while acknowledging that the University of Florida’s attrition rate is below the national average and has no “extraordinary” problems with recruiting, asks why dozens of self-proclaimed academics sought greener pastures. I built an anecdote about that.

Walter Boot, a tenured professor of psychology, told the newspaper that he left Florida for New York in part because of a 2022 state law restricting LGBT propaganda in elementary schools.

Boots is non-heterosexual, but
I got it. In an August article for the Tallahassee Democrat, Florida Parental Rights in Education Act“It has become increasingly clear that Florida State University’s LGBTQ students, faculty and staff are the targets.”

Fellow LGBT activist Hope Wilson, who most recently served as an education professor at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, objected to the state’s interest in how taxpayer dollars are spent, the Times reported. Reported.

“It always felt like a dystopia,” said Wilson, who has a child with gender dysphoria.

I felt stressed “To me, this is a net benefit to Florida,” he said in a statement to the Times.

“Professors who want to practice DEI-style racism, promote the sexual mutilation of minors, and replace scholarship with partisanship are free to do so elsewhere. Good exclusion,” Rufo wrote.

Mr. DeSantis certainly shares Mr. Rufo’s sentiments, saying in a speech at the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting in July, “The media says, “Oh, like New College, Professor Some of us are going to quit.’ Isn’t that bad? Is it a brain drain?”
report Tampa Bay Times.

“Well, if you’re a professor in a field like Marxist studies, it’s not a loss for Florida if you stay,” DeSantis said. “Trust me, I’m totally fine with that.”

In addition to pushing radicals out of higher education in the state, the Nation noted that the state’s Republican bill encourages elementary school leftists to internalize their extremist views.

“Teachers don’t know what to say and what not to say and are choosing not to say anything for fear of being arrested and prosecuted rather than being fired. ,” said Committee Chair Nikki Fried. The Florida Democratic Party told The Nation in September.

Freed was clearly referring to
HB1467The law, ratified by DeSantis in March 2022, requires elementary schools to publicly disclose what books are offered in school libraries and allows parents to object to obscene materials. It is something.

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